Project 1, Job Ad and Company Research Memo Draft

During the second half of class, copy-and-paste your Job Ad and Company Research Memo into a comment made to this blog post. Afterwards, we will begin working on your Project 1 resumes with the information that you brought to class today.

Useful examples of resumes that we will refer to during class:

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  1. Destiny Ramos

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Destiny Ramos
    DATE: March 15, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 1, Job Ad and Company Research Memo

    Upon doing research about Atmosphere Academy, I am interested in an English teacher listing for their school. I am interested because as of now, I am an afterschool teacher and I feel that I am qualified with my years of experience as well as upon earning my Professional and Technical Writing degree, I would be an asset to their program.
    Atmosphere Academy is a charter school located in the Marble Hill section of the Bronx. It is a free Charter School meaning that there is no mandatory tuition to enroll a child into their program. Their mission statement on the school’s website is, “Through the creation of a highly engaging school setting, Atmosphere Academy not only prepares students to be ready for college, career, and life, but to succeed once they get there. By actively contributing to the school’s shared learning community, Atmosphere students will acquire the character, skills, and knowledge they need to think, collaborate, and lead.”
    The job description,is for a position as an English teacher for grades six through eight. According to the job research ad found on the job requirements are, “to facilitate students’ development and acquisition of close reading, persuasive/expository writing, creative writing, grammar, vocabulary, and other language arts skills. Moreover, he or she promotes such acquisition across all classrooms through interdisciplinary projects and shared instructional practices.” The job also requires that the applicant have experience teaching in a school environment, has strong lesson planning skills, strong communication writing skills, and at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field.
    Being that I already have at least 7 years of teaching experience, I believe that I am qualified for this job. However, in preparation for this job I will gather up all of the lesson plans that I have submitted over the years from my lesson planning supervisor and create a portfolio of them. I will also by the time I apply, have my bachelor’s degree in the PTW major. If reference letters are required I will ask my supervisor at my current job as well as my lesson planning supervisor for references. I already have my fingerprints for the Department of Education since I am currently working at an Elementary school teaching grades K through five. Over the course of my academic career, the PTW major has assisted me in enhancing my communication skills as well as overall professional and technical writing skills. These skills can help me if I were to get the job as an English teacher for Atmosphere Academy.

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  2. Lauren

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Lauren Brewster
    DATE: March 15, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 1, Job Ad and Company Research Memo

    For me, after I graduate, ideally I would want to work for myself creating mobile apps. I would then look for interested investors to buy my apps. Another business opportunity I would consider is working for companies to create apps. I understand that sometimes we have work until we create the life we want, and so if in the meantime I had to have a nine to five job, I would be interested in applying to jobs that call for mobile app developers or software engineers.
    The job ad I found on was entitled “Software Engineer, IOS”. The company, Viacom, is looking for a “Swift developer with strong functional programming experience, and a passion for scalability, reliability, and code reuse.”(, December 2016) The iOS Engineer would be working with the Music & Entertainment Group Technology Team, and “responsible for building and supporting Viacom’s award winning mobile apps for leading brands in popular culture such as MTV, VH1, Logo, Comedy Central, Spike TV, and BET. Swift is a programming language developed by Apple Inc. The position requires two or more years of iOS development experience, knowledge of iOS SDK, Objective C, and Swift. The ad states that applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree or experience. The ad also states that the applicant should be able to work with mid to large size teams, and be able to handle a fast pace environment.
    According to Gale Business Insights: Essentials, SWOT, Viacom is a “global entertainment company”, that “creates, acquires, and distributes programming through platforms including television, online, mobile devices and through a variety of consumer products.”(Viacom Inc. SWOT, June 2016, pg. 1) In the overview of the SWOT Analysis it states that “the company could benefit from expanding entertainment and media industry…for video games market.”(Viacom Inc. SWOT, June 2016, pg. 2) It seems that now working for Viacom as a mobile app developer would be a great opportunity since it is one of the areas they need work on.

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  3. SoJung Moon

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: SoJung Jang
    DATE: March 15, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 1, Job Ad and Company Research Memo

    The purpose of this memo is to gather all the bits and pieces of information on my future dream job including what the employer may be looking for, what kind of skills would be necessary for me to excel in the field, and some research on the company itself. Most importantly, this memo will help and guide me through preparing for the job with confidence.
    EPIK stands for “English Program In Korea”. This program invites native English speakers from abroad to help students and teachers in Korea to better understand and learn the English language. In order to be eligible for the EPIK program, you must be a citizen of a country where English is the primary language, must have a Bachelor’s degree in any field of major from an accredited university, overall be in good health and be open minded in adapting to the Korean culture. A TEFL teaching certificate with in-class experience is also preferred if your Bachelor’s degree is not a teaching degree. Starting salary averages out to about 2000 US dollars and eventually becomes higher with more experience. Benefits include free housing with basic living furnitures included and if in any case housing is unavailable, you are given money for rent separate from your monthly pay. EPIK also gives severance pay and settlement allowances, and also covers 50% of your medical insurance.

  4. Esmeralda V.

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Esmeralda Vizueth
    DATE: February 8, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 1, Job & Company Research Memo

    Nowadays, there are thousands of web pages dedicated to the purchase of illegal items (drugs, weapons…) to self-harm blogs. Luckily, technology companies hire security engineers who make sure that their clients’ personal information is not at risk in this process. I personally believe that everybody has the right to keep their information confidential at will, because of this, my long-term goal is to become a security engineer.
    In my search for this title on, I found a promising job advertisement. The company is known as Softworld and it was posted five days ago. The first thing on their ad, is a list of the tasks as an employee at the company, as well as the requirements for the post. Finally, a brief description of the company and the link to their website is shared.
    Softworld is a software company based in Waltham, Massachusetts with several locations in the U.S. The company seeks highly skilled people who can manage working with a “limited budget”.
    In order to become a security engineer, I’d need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information security. After I graduate from the New York City College of Technology I’d like to attend the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and pursue a degree in computer science and information security.

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  5. Abdulla Attareb

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Abdulla Attareb
    DATE: March 15, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 1, Job Ad and Company Research Memo

    After many years of school it is finally the time to start applying for full time jobs in my field of study. I’m writing this memo after extensive research on what kind of field I would like to specialize in, in mechanical engineering. Also, what kind of companies are out there that I will best fit in and that will fulfill my further learning expectations.
    Being exposed to the different specialization in my field, I’ve chosen to become a HVAC Mechanical Engineer. Strong knowledge of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics are required to be able to pursue this job. Aside from those courses it is required by all engineering firms that you know the standard designing software. You cannot become an HVAC engineer without knowing how to use AutoCAD. “Candidates must have excellent technical skills, be well versed in the newest version of AutoCAD”. (, 2017, p5). AutoCAD is the universal program used for all kinds of drafting. From electrical to hvac to plumbing and fire protection. New York City is the gold mine of HVAC jobs. There are hundreds of firms that look to hire inexperienced entry-level to experienced senior level candidates. The company I’m applying to is called Tetra Tech.
    Tetra Tech is a global a consulting, engineering, and technical service firm. “Tetra Tech focuses on addressing fundamental needs for water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, and energy.”.(Gale Business Insights: Essentials, 2016, p1). The company supplies its services and has over 400 offices worldwide. It currently employs over 16,000 people, in various fields and specializations. The company is diverse and emphasizes on mutual respect and dignity.
    Many companies look to hire students with experience outside of school. For a HVAC position the minimum requirement is a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. To better prepare I have done a summer internship and I am also currently in an internship that specifically gives me experience in HVAC design. This puts me far ahead of many other applicants. In addition to my internships, I am also taking courses in NYU for certification in HVAC Design. I’m also currently studying for LEED certification. By doing all this work outside of school I am making myself the prime candidate for this job position.


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  6. Edwin

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Edwin Alexis Arriaza
    DATE: March 15th, 2017
    SUBJECT: Job Ad and Research Memo

    Reading a job description can initiate the thought of how you want to be spending your time. They highlight the important qualities of the role you are seeking, and if you are not qualified it helps you understand what should be done to be qualified. I stumbled upon a job listing for an IT Engineering Manager at Airbnb. This memo will elaborate more on the job description and my plan for being qualified for this role.

    According to Monser, Airbnb expects the potential IT engineering manager to implement technology that can improve global collaboration (Monster, 2017). When new technology is implemented, documentation needs to be created and training will need to take place. The IT engineering manager will also expand their team by selecting and training new employees to resolve Tier 3 escalation issues. More responsibilities include building relationships with vendors and considering the company’s budget. This role requires someone with at least a decade of experience.

    Working for Airbnb will require me to live in San Francisco, California. The culture at Airbnb is playful to an extent but makes sure work always gets done. The engineering team celebrates little accomplishments by clapping, which ends up spreading throughout the office and becomes louder. This type of culture will improve my efficiency, simply by being happy for everyone. According to Gale Business Insights, Airbnb replied to a bias-related issue differently by making changes to their platform instead of replying an answer that basically says, it is what it is (Gale Business Insights, 2014). This action surprised many and goes to show what Airbnb does.

    I have many goals to accomplish before I could consider myself ready for this position. As of now, I am getting experience in service desk and desktop support roles to get a better understanding of how technology works in an organization. Reading the job description motivates me to take my work ethic to the next level to be able to claim responsibility when a complex challenge arises. I am going to get my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in two years. Throughout my college years, I want to get the network plus certification as well as pass the CCNA exam. By the time I graduate I will have at least three certifications and three years of experience doing IT.

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  7. Danny Hsu (Chia Hao)

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Chia Hao Hsu
    DATE: March 15, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 1, Job Ad and Company Research Memo

    Upon doing research on potential job opportunities for a Mechanical Engineering degree on, I happen upon a internship listing for a Mechanical Design Engineer position at the company Fitbit Inc, well known for their wearable technology devices that are designed to promote and encourage a healthier and active lifestyle. I think that this job is perfect for me at the level I am currently at for school and that I can truly gain invaluable experience from it while being an asset to the company.
    As was stated before, the job ad is looking for “a Mechanical Design Engineer Intern to aid in all aspects of the mechanical design of our products. This person will help design the mechanical components of Fitbit products to ensure cost, schedule, function and manufacturability goals are met.”(, 2016, p5). In order to be considered for the position, the job applicant have to meet certain requirements. Potential applicants have to be “BS or MS in Mechanical Engineering or Product Design”. They also need to be passionate to learn the job, be able to communicate effectively and have some sort of experience with product design and 3D software skills.
    The company, Fitbit Inc. is a relatively new company that started in 2007 by two people that had this grand idea that later became a social movement. They didn’t just create an accessory that people can easily wear but a whole package of products aimed toward health and wellness that can easily be tracked on a daily basis. The product Fitbit was at one point so popular to many young and middle aged adults of this generation consider it a fashion statement to wear a Fitbit band. The company had remarkable growth in the last five years and a total revenue of 1.8 billion dollars in 2015. With great success comes great public scrutiny when the company found themselves with a lawsuit. According to Daniels, “the inclusion of Fitbit’s heart rate monitoring as one of its competitive strengths and detailed description of the technology that did not work properly rendered the Registration Statement for IPO materially misleading and that pursuant to this allegedly misleading Registration Statement” (Daniels, 2016, para.5). Even though the company is considered the leader wearable accessory but “In many people’s eyes, it lives in the shadow of Apple, the Silicon Valley behemoth whose touch-screen smartwatch could potentially stomp its smaller rival out of existence”(Chen, 2016, para.5) according to Chen’s article of the New York Times.
    In terms of job requirements, I think I am fully qualified to work as an mechanical engineer intern at Fitbit Inc. I have acquired the necessary technical skills the this job needs through courses I have taken in the New York City College of Technology. I have a certain level of practical skills and experience that I had gotten from my previous jobs. It might be easier for me if I had fully completed my BT degree in ME before I apply but I don’t think that I am any less qualified if I don’t. I will need to try and update my resume as well as other application documents that the employers might look at to help them determine if I am the best candidate for the job.

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