My Future in Mechanical Engineering

My name is Cisco and I am a student at City Tech, my major is Associate in Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the School of Technology and Design. One specific career field that I have in mind is becoming a mechanical engineer technician first and then move myself up to a mechanical engineer for cars. This is the best career for me because I want to achieve my dream of one day building my own car. Also, I love taking things apart, learning from them and finding a way to make them better and I want to be financial stable enough to have a family and not worry about money. In this essay I will provide an in depth description of my major, give explanation for my reasons and I will tell you about how I will succeed in both my major and my career.
Some general information about my major is the chairman for the major of mechanical engineering technology is professor Sidi Bari. Quoted from the city tech college catalog the major provides “ a solid foundation in the scientific and mathematical principles”, this means that you study the things necessary to be able to work in the range of careers that require this education. Some general information about the career in mechanical engineering technicians are “the median pay is $51,980 per year, the level of education required is an associate’s degree level of education and the work experience required is none”(united states par 3). In my major I study in developing my creative design as well as problem solving skills. One specific thing which I want to do in my studies and what I am currently learning how to do know is how to read manufacturing drawings and make the object I am reading. Some career options that I have with my education are assistant mechanical engineers, engineering research assistants,
assistant mechanical designers, junior CNC operator/programmers,
manufacturing technicians, and quality technicians.
A mechanical engineer draws up the design for cars engines, sometimes generators basically anything mechanical, anything that involves the moving of many complex moving parts to have an outcome of motion. I want to work with cars because it has always been my interest to build my own one day. It’s my own personal goal build something as complex, but an ecofriendly car one powered by electricity but not recharged by power that comes from city power that pollutes the air and destroys the environment, but from my own self-generating power. So basically free energy for a car which could be very helpful for when I start to use a car for everyday life. The type of car I would like to build is a Ford focus 2016 electric model. According to the ford website “ the battery can recharge with the friction from the brakes and also can come with a 240volt/30 amp charge station”(ford par 7), which is the amount I plan on using for my charger. The estimated amount of money I would need to complete all of this would be about fifteen thousand to twenty thousand dollars and around 5 months to build maybe less. This is a life goal that I truly hope to achieve one day for a better world.
Ever since I was young I was extremely curios with things that involves mechanics. Ever since I looked under the hood of a car my mind seemed interested in the fact that all of that complex machinery made that car move, play music, use electricity and cool its self down all at one time. My mind would explode with so many questions, estimations, predictions and answers that I would consciously lose track of what I was thinking about. To this very day I always was interested in complex machinery like a car engine. A quote from Brain Rules states that “We never out grow the desire to know”(medina 252). My curiosity for complex machinery is a great example of that very quote. It also has to do with the fact that I grew up breaking things apart and putting them back together. As humans we were born to learn more and more and pay attention to the things that are around our environment that either interest us or put us in danger. Hence the reason why I was paying so much attention to that engine.
When I was born my mother had no job and the only person working was my father, they both didn’t have a high school diploma or a GED so finding a job let alone a paying job was difficult and the fact that they had to take care of a baby was even more of a difficult task. In addition to that 2 years later my brother was born and it was even more difficult to take care of the family. At the age of 13 I decided that I should be finically stable enough to provide for myself and maybe a family of my own. Based off the chart from the report for wages, incomes and wealth “the monthly budget for a two parent one child household for 2013 is 4,688 dollars this increases by about one thousand with every other child in a family”. For my future I plan on having a household of two parents and three kids that would be around 6,557 dollars a month for the budget which is around a 78,684 thousand dollar budget, according to the occupational outlook handbook for mechanical engineers “the mean pay for a mechanical engineer is 80,580 dollars a year”.(Untied States par 3) So that means that one day I could live that finically stable life that people always dream of having. That is if I continue down the path that I am currently on.
While I am in school I plan on focusing on the difficult classes that I am going to have like I currently am right now. After I graduate college I plan on getting a job as a mechanical engineering technician, or anything else that I need to in order to gain experience needed. Then continuing my education so that one day I can become a mechanical engineer. I believe that something that can distinguish me from most people is my crazy, imaginative, friendly mind. One major milestone that I am going to have is looking for a job in the specific carrier field that i want and will accept me. Another milestone would be finding the right home that is convenient and cost effective for me.

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