Reading Presentation Schedule

You can find the random assignment of reading presentations below. The first column is the number of the student from the class roll who is assigned that day’s reading presentation. This is followed by the day of the week, the date, and the readings from the syllabus. See your email for your number on the class role.

4 Th 9/10 Seven, “12 Rules to Boost Your Brainpower,”


Medina, “About the Author,”


3 W 9/16 Medina, Brain Rules, Introduction.
22 M 9/21 Medina, Brain Rules, Exercise.
5 M 9/28 Medina, Brain Rules, Sleep.


21 W 9/30 Medina, Brain Rules, Stress.


13 M 10/5 Medina, Brain Rules, Wiring.


12 W 10/7 Medina, Brain Rules, Attention.


15 W 10/14 Medina, Brain Rules, Memory.
8 M 10/19 Medina, Brain Rules, Sensory Integration.


19 M 10/26 Medina, Brain Rules, Vision.



10 M 10/26 Medina, Brain Rules, Music.
11 W 10/28 Medina, Brain Rules, Gender.
7 M 11/2 Medina, Brain Rules, Exploration.


14 W 11/4 Carlson, “Nicholas Carr on the ‘Superficial’ Webby Mind,”


Carr, “A writer of books, essays, and ephemera,”

17 M 11/9 Carr, The Shallows, Prologue and One.
20 W 11/11 Carr, The Shallows, Two and a digression.
18 M 11/16 Carr, The Shallows, Three.
2 W 11/18 Carr, The Shallows, Four and a digression.
23 M 11/23 Carr, The Shallows, Five.
6 W 11/25 Carr, The Shallows, Six.
24 M 11/30 Carr, The Shallows, Seven and a digression.
9 W 12/2 Carr, The Shallows, Eight.
16 M 12/7 Carr, The Shallows, Nine and a digression.
1 W 12/9 Carr, The Shallows, Ten and Epilogue.



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