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Google, The Future of Us

Pooran Nardeo

Professor Ellis

English 1101

9 December. 2015


The internet, our new virtual world, where we can hunt and gather information. The internet is such a widely used media today, that we seem too adapted to it naturally. One of the world’s biggest search engines today is Google. Google is not what it used to be anymore, for starter the company is not called Google anymore, it is called the Alphabet Inc. This is all due to how widespread Google has become. But back to the point Google, in general, the internet part which included the search engine, images, maps and Gmail. They are more Google tools that are available but for this argument these are the four main one I’m going to talk about. These are the four that made our life better, in the sense that it made us more intelligent.  These four simple but life change tools make our life better because, of the amount of information you can gather with the simple push of a few key. Another reason is the way we view it, both visually and mentally and finally the way we use it to communicate. I will start by giving a short but detail background on what Google is and the four specific tools that I chose and then, I will write how those tools made us smarter, by first explaining how it helps me gather information, then how I view it, both visually and mentally and finally how it helps us communicate. I will also give a few counterclaims, explaining why using these tool might not be such a good idea.

Google is one of the most recognize search engine out there today. You could basically find anything you need to know about something with a simple keyword or phrase. Google was found in 1998 by two brilliant minds Barry Page and Sergey Brin.  Google was created for one reason “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”(Alphabet Inc 1), a goal that they obviously accomplish. Today Google is much more than just information, they had become such a big and multipurpose company, that the company is not called Google anymore. The parent company is called Alphabet Inc and each letter represents a sub company or organizations, for example, the letter G, represent Google.

Google, in general, is a multipurpose media, they are a lot you could obtain for it, but you have to know how to use it. Google is pretty simple to use, just put in a keyword or phrase and hit search, but the search would be different for every subsection, of Google. Google have many subsections, but the one that is most widely use is the simple Google search. That is the one that is mostly use because it is the default setting and you get the most information on the specific search. Google have impacted our life so much that it is even trying to think what we are going to search before we even start searching. Studies have shown that “Google may shed light on relations between real-world events and people’s information search behavior” (Arditi 1). This is how they going to know what we’re about to think before we do it, by using our search behavior. They will be using advanced software system that could interpret our search history and tell what we would possibly be looking up next. This might sound like science fiction right now, but it is possible and when it happen it might be helpful but also scary for some people. For me it would be helpful because it knows what I want to search so it already has the information I’m looking for. This is going to be a time saver because I’m not going to have to scroll through page after page to find a simple document. This might also encourage people to search because they know they’re going to find what they’re looking for.  Studies also have shown that what we search for on the internet clearly affect the real world. “For instance, a relative increase in search of the word ‘debt’ tended to precede stock market decline” (Arditi 1). This is a very important fact because our economy depends mostly on stocks and if a simple google search can change our stock market, it means that it could change everything. Include the way we live. This could also be a good thing because if the word debt can cause a decline then the opposite might cause an increase in the amount of stock we buy. The Google is also the number one destination for people who want to buy stock. Because you could find everything you need to know about a stock company and how good or bad they’re doing. Google search don’t just affect our stock market, it affects the way we live and if we could use it efficiently our life would be better.

Google have a lot to give and another one of its multiple tools is the image search. The image search is a huge collection of photo from Google, user around the world. Google image is not only for entertainment, but it could also be used for research and education purposes. “Think more broadly than merely using image search to find pictures. Instead, consider the myriad ways in which an image may consider additional information or lead to an answer”(Notess 2). Barnard once said, “a picture is worth ten thousand words” and I agree with him because you could use photo for more than just amusement, you could use it to find clues, as evidence, or even as the quote said to lead to an answer. Another reason why image search is helpful is because we could use it, on the go, to help ourselves. “Picture can help with the identification of plants, animals, landmarks and people”(Notee 2). With to use of this, life would be easier because you could quickly look up a plant and know what it is and the entire history of it, the same you could do with a person or animals.  This mean that we don’t have to memorize everything because as human we only try to memorize the important facts. Google images are more than just photos, it’s a data bank of knowledge, both from the past and present.

Google map, the world in our hand. With the use of this, we could travel the world with a few click of a bottom and get information about any destination we like too. I personally use google map to find information about places where I am about to visit. It gives me a heads up on what I should accept, also I use it to get from one destination to another. Google map is not only for personal use, biologists also use it, to gather information. “We present an exploration of design opportunities that the Google Maps interface offers to biomedical data visualization”(Jianu 1). This shows how the map tool is helpful to us a human, it makes it easier and more understanding. With the use of this specific tool biologists around the world with access to Google will be able to gather data and share it with each other. This again means that they have more time which equal to more work getting done. The map tool is not only for experienced user, anyone could use it. “We also find that users, particularly those less experienced with computer use, are attracted by the familiarity of the Google Maps API”(Jianu 1). This once again shows how helpful this one simple tool is. This is not a tool that you have to learn to use before you start using it, it’s an interface that you learn as you go, picking up new technique on your way. The map tool might be one simple tool in the Google collection, but it is very important, both to us and our survival.

The final tool that I’m going to argue about is the email section of Google. The email section of Google is called Gmail. With the use of Gmail, the possibility of storing and revisiting information is endless. Gmail is not only used to store information, its use mostly to communicate. People around the world use Gmail to professionally contact each other and share information. According to a dear friend of mine, Andrew Ramlakhan, he said that “I personally use Gmail, to not just communicate with people but to get update on what’s going on around me”(Ramlakhan par 1). This is great example on how this tool helps us stay in contact with the world. Since, today the world is such a busy and confusing place, it’s good to know they’re something out there that could keep us, up to date. Gmail might be a small part of the internet, but the use of it is infinite.

Although many including myself argue that Google is a great idea, many others might have a different option. One of these people is my mom. She said that “I didn’t grow up with Google and I survived, so I don’t see how Google could make my life any better”( Nardeo par 1).  This could be true but since I’m a person that grew up with Google it would be nearly impossible to live without it. Some even argue that Google is taking over ” with 71 percent of the United States search market (and 90 percent in Britain), Google’s dominance of both search and search advertising gives it overwhelming control”(Raff 1). This might be true, but so far it not been a bad thing. Google is on top because how useful it is. They might be some negative on using Google, but the benefit overpowers it.

Overall the use of these four simple Google tools, Google search, image, map and Gmail, have not only help me but the people around me and even around the world. The use of Google search not only affects us, it affects what is going on in the real world. As for image, it makes us find information faster and use that information in multiple ways. Map lets us explore the world that’s out there and lets us know that there more out there for us to learn. Finally, with Gmail we could communicate with each other on a professional level and share information. This is how these four tools are beneficial to us, because of how it makes us smarter. Even though they might be some negative impact, the benefit is far greater. All we have to do is what we have been doing for since we existed, evolved and adapt to the new environment.

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The Path of an Electrical Engineer

Pooran Nardeo

Professor Ellis

English 1101

8 November 2015

My name is Pooran Nardeo and I am pursuing the path of becoming an Electrical Engineer. This is not going to be a walk in the park and I know that, it will take a lot of time and even money but in the end it will all be worth it. The program that I’m apart of right now is at The New York City College of Technology under the school of Technology and Design, and the department is called Electrical Engineering Technology. This, to me, is the best career because of several reasons. The first and probably the most important reason is that I will be working as an electrical engineer, something that I want to do, not something that I have to do, secondly, the location, for this job I don’t have to be relocated. They are plenty of job opportunity right, where I live. The final reason is the amount of money I will be making. It will be more than enough for me to live my life the way I wanted and probably even support a family later in life. I will start off by giving a general background of electrical engineering Technology and what you have to accomplish in order to become one. After that I will give more detail and facts on my three reason that pursuit me to become one, and how I will further my study in order to get the degree I want.

I am currently studying to obtain my Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Technology. According to the city tech college catalog it will take eight semesters for this degree. In this field of study you learn more about math and physics. As a requirement for this program you need at least three math courses, Precalculus and calculus one and two, and two physics courses, General physics one and two. Along with these major courses, you also learn the basics of electrical and electronic circuit. Getting a job after graduating with a degree in electrical technology shouldn’t be that hard. According to The City Tech College Catalog, “Potential employers include IBM, CODEX, Bank of America, ITT, GE, ConEd, Verizon, MTA, Honeywell, and Northrop Grumman” (college catalog 245). These are very big and recognizable company, two of them are even associated with the City of New York, which is going to make it even that much easier to get a job. I’m not saying that job opportunity will be knocking at my front door, I’m just saying that the chance of me getting a job in my field will be at a higher percentage. This could be both a negative and a positive thing. The negative of this job could be that too many people are doing it and that will cause the salary to be lower than average, but on the other hand, you will be able to get a job faster and closer to home. Out of the list of companies that I got from the college catalog they are three of them that I would like to be working for and that is IBM, General Electric (GE) and Consolidated Edison. These are only two factors that could affect the outcome of me getting a job and they are a lot more. So the opportunity of me getting a job with the right salary is still out there, it just all depends on me being at the right place at the right time.

This is something that I want to do, because for once I get to pick my own path in life. Electrical engineering wasn’t always my dream job, I started to get interesting in it doing my favorite hobby, working on cars. Working on cars has away fascinating me since I was a little boy, but now working on it and getting to know how all the component work, the electrical system was what caught my attention. They is a lot of different thing you could do with the electrical system in a car, the car is basically control by electrical signal and if you know what you are doing you could customize your car to your own needs. After learning what electricity could do on a car, I wonder what it could do to the world. That’s why I chose it to be my career. Engineers have a big impact on the world, they are the people that everyone depends on to make the world a better and more modernize place. They are the ones that are responsible for building all the major structure in the world that make all our life so much better. Most of the major jobs site today need an electrical engineer because of how everything are becoming electronically operated. Working as an engineer in general is an accomplishment by itself, you get to be an explorer in your own ways. As for me becoming and explorer in electrical engineer is what I want to be doing. I wouldn’t just be doing other people work I will have the freedom of doing my own work. One of these works that I plan to be doing is coming up with ways to make a more efficient power source. According to the article careers in engineering “Caroline Paquet, a mechanical engineering at Bouthillette Parizeau and Associates, led the mechanical and electrical engineering team that worked on the three-year project” (Careers in Engineering par 10). This show how engineering from different field are working to together to make something that is impossible, possible. There are working on a project to reduce the energy consumption by 51 percent. These are the type of project that someday I want to be a part of, because of the fact that they will put us one step closer for the world of becoming a more modernize and overall a better place to live.

Location is something that is very important when looking for a job, it’s not only for me but anyone who is looking for a job. Location is important because of all the factor that it effect. Some of these factors are the change of you getting a job, the company you will be working for and the annual wages. Where I work is something that I personally take interest in because of the fact that I don’t want to leave home or my family, at least not right now. This career that I am pursuing right now, have plenty of job in my comfort area of working. According to a data map of the united state found in the occupational outlook handbook, the job rate for an electrical engineer in New York is 1.26 of a person per every thousand (United States). This might not sound that great but this adds up to 11,110 employment each year, and this is just for the New York area. This to me seems to be a good thing because when there is this amount of people working it normally means that there is a shortage and that’s always a good thing. This will mean more jobs opportunity will open up and the salaries will go up. That is how location affects the probability of getting a job and the wages, but that not the only affect it have it also affect who you work for. Since I live in New York City there are a few big companies that I could be working for, and those companies are IBM, ITT, GE, ConEd Honeywell and finally MTA. These are some of the big company jobs that I could be applying for after I finish my Bachelor degree at city tech.

Finally the reason that I chose this path in my career is because of the salary. The salary is important because of several different reasons. One of which, is going to be the way you live your life. According to the occupational outlook statistics the mean average for an electrical engineer is $95,780 that works out to be $46.05 an hour (United States). This to me is not a bad amount of money to be working. This is also the mean averages, which mean it is only the middle 68.2 percentage of the bell curve in standard deviation. You could be making less, which I don’t want to be doing or you could be that 0.1 percent of worker. That is what I’m hoping to be one day. That amount of money is only a starting salary, as time goes on you salary will mostly likely get increased. Back to the way you will be living your life, as I learn from own experience, having money in this world is important and it reflect you status in life. This may not be true for everyone but money makes you the person you are, in one way or another. It could also change you both in a good and bad way. For me this salary will be enough, it will definitely change me from the person I am today but in a good way. All of this is not going to be easy. It’s going to take a few years for this all to start happening, but I start planning for it now because as I learn taking small step at a time will definitely get you to where you need with less stress and hassle. The final reason for wanting to work this amount of money is the freedom. Working this amount of money will be more than enough for me to survive on and that is why I want to do it. I will be able to have all the thing in life that wouldn’t be possible with another job or career and by knowing that I will be more happy with my lifestyle. I will also be able to get my dream car. At this point in life this is only a plan but I’m on the process of making it a reality.

Overall this is what I want my life to be looking like. I first make the life decision on my career which is electrical engineering. To do this it’s not going to be easy but at least I have a starting point, my study at city tech. This as I said is only a starting point, I plan to move on. As I learn city tech only gives out technical degree and I want to be an engineer. So to this my next step is to transfer to a college that gives an engineering degree. My next small step in my path of becoming and electrical engineer is to transfer to The City College of New York. I chose this career because of three simple but important reasons, where I will be working, the type of jobs I will be doing and finally the amount of money I will be making. This career is not just about these three reasons only, but they the most important. I also want to make the world a better place, and since the world is becoming so modernize and everything is operating in one form or another electronically, what better job to be doing than working as an electrical engineer. I also one day hope to come with a form of renewal energy. It doesn’t have to be me all by myself but I’m hoping to be part of the process and that will be an achievement that will make all of this hard work worth it, making the world a better place one small step at a time.

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Life On The Fast Lane By Pooran Nardeo

My name is Pooran Nardeo, and I’m a student at The New York City College of Technology. At this moment I’m only eighteen years old, just starting out my life as an adult. My major is electrical engineering. Automobiles reflect my past, my present, and my future, it is something that for me went from a hobby to an obsession. Automobiles reflect on who I am because of my obsession with it. There are several reasons why automobiles have become such an important part of my life. This includes, the fact that I grew up with automobile. Another reason is that I wanted to be a car designer, which would be my dream job if I had to pick. Growing up, I started to realize that there is more to automobiles than just the fancy car, that’s why in high school I decided to join the automotive program, something that I would never regret doing. This wasn’t just a hobby to me this was where I met some of my best friends, people that share the same interest as me and someone I could ask for help if I needed. Finally now after high school, after knowing all about how cars work, things that I didn’t know before, I would like to design and build my own car. Automobile is the one thing that has the most impact on my life and it will stay this way as long as my obsession for car is still there.

If there is one thing that I could remember since I was a child, it was the fact that I had a collection of model cars. This is what starts off my long love for automobiles. There is one person I have to thank for this and that person is my dad. He was the one that got me my first model car. At that point in my life all that was to me was a square box that could roll. As time goes on these square boxes that could roll got more interesting. I realized that they’re everywhere, big and small. That’s when it hit me, these machines are very important in our everyday lives and from there on my curiosity had push me to learn more of it. I would be asking questions everywhere and anywhere I go, questions like, how does this work, what makes that part move, why is that there, and how important is that. By doing that it helped me learn a lot, because I didn’t know any of the parts. That was a great way of full in up my knowledge bank, because now I could name almost all the parts in a typical everyday car and know how most of the parts work. This was an experience in my life that was worth every second. This is because I didn’t lose interest in it, I only grew more, of it and it’s something that will stay with me throughout my life. Automobile was the building block of my childhood. It is number one on my list of things that make my childhood so interesting and amazing.

Designing cars is something I wanted to do since I was introduced into the world of cars. It would be consider, my dream job if I had to pick one. Designing cars is not something I just talk about, this is something that I actually do. I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m trying. I realized I have ability one day when I was bored in class. I had nothing to, so I took my pencil and started to sketch. At first I was just a bunch of scribble and then an image pop in my head, it was one of my favorite car. It was a Ford GT40. Now that I’m getting good at it I started to sketch my own creation. My favorite way of sketching now is what I call mix and match, it is pretty simple I take parts from different car and put them together to come up with my own design. The stage right now is mostly trial and error because not all of the sketch comes out the way you have it in your head. Sometimes you find that one rare occasion were it comes out looking perfect, even better than the picture in your head. Now that I’m so accustomed to sketching cars I do it everywhere. Especially when I’m bored in class, for some reason this actually works in my favor because although I don’t pay attention in class a lot I still remember the stuff. I even think about car while walking, I’ll be looking at cars and see in my mind is there a way to make it better or what need to be added to it to make it look better. I’ll be picturing it in a whole new way. This is how my view on automobile changes how I see the world both visually and on paper.


As I grew up, I started to realize that there’s more to automobile than just the fancy cars. I started to see how important they are to our everyday life. How without these marveling technologies, the world wouldn’t be the same. The development of automobile in the early 1900s, redesigned the way we live. This is due to the fact that because of cars and the easy access to transportation, we started to build urban communities. This meant that we stared to move out from the heavily polluted city and have a much better and healthier life style. For this major change in our life style and even our history, we all have to thank Henry Ford and hid model T. The first mass produced car at that time. Because of all this history that I learn about automobile, in high school I finally decide to join the automotive program. Those four years would be an experience that I would never forget and wouldn’t want to forget too, because of all the wonderful thing that I learned. It would definitely be consider a defining moment in my life. During those years, I found myself? I learn some very important life lesson that I would always remember. I found out who I am and what I want to do with my life. At this age this was pretty amazing. Although I know things never goes to plan is still kept it. During these four years I learn a lot about cars and how they function. I learn that it may look like a simple piece of machinery but it is pretty complicated. For one, it moves and they’re hundreds of different components and parts that are making that ability possible. During this course, I didn’t just learn about cars that we are using right now I also learn about car in the past and the one that are said to be release in the future. Like humans cars also evolve. They keep getting better and better as time goes by. This is one of the major problems in the automobile field, the changes. In our time Technology changes pretty fast and we have to keep up with it so that we don’t fall of the loop. With the help of today technology automobile can do pretty amazing thing. One of which blow my mine was the ability to drive itself. I knew this would be possible but I didn’t know it would be this fast. The only thing I’m waiting now on is the flying car, something that is yet to be possible. Those years would be something that I would never regret doing, this to due to the fact how great of an impact it have on my life.

Now that I’m out of high school and starting college, my love for automobile started to become my hobby. My love for automobile has helped me a lot throughout my hardest decision in life. One of these decisions was what my career job should be. Since I was always fascinated with the electrical and technology part of the car I decide to make that my lifelong career job. So far it’s going great, I decided to go in the field of electrical engineering, which is pretty similar to the electrical and technology part of the car. Up to today I don’t regret making this decision. I didn’t pick automotive to be my career job because of one simple reason. I don’t want to lose interest in it. This might sound stupid, but for me I don’t want my career job to be my hobby. I want my hobby to just be my hobby, something I could use to pass the time or even just do when life gets me down. I want this to be my motivation, so that I could get back up in life. Automobile have always peak my interest and now that it have became my hobby I am even more obsessive with it. My favorite part of this hobby is going to car shows. This is what makes this hobby such a wonderful thing, getting to meet people that share the same interest as you and even share ideas. These ideas could go a long way, with helping yourself or event other with making your car better and faster, something car fanatics like myself live for. Another thing I learn by attend this car show are the new technology and gadget that are been added to these cars today. These gadgets are not just to make our car look fancy, these gadget help up in more way that you could count. They also make our life driving a car much better and safer and in some cases even luxurious. This to me is a hobby because of how interesting I am with and all the life lesson I have learn from it. This would be one hobby that would definitely stay with me throughout my life.

My obsession with automobile had done a lot for me but the one thing I have to thank it for are my friends. Throughout my life I have made friends and lose friends, but when it comes to these guys it was different. The one thing that we all share it our love for automobile and that’s the same reason we still keep contact with each other. These connections all happen throughout my high school years. At first it did look like it was going to last, it seems as if it was going to be another fail friendship but because of our love for cars we keep meeting and as time goes on we started our own little car group. These are friend worth keeping because of the simple fact that they know the way you think, also because they there when you needed them the most, even through tuff time.

Throughout the years I have learn a lot and those are the life experiences that molded me into the person I am today. Now that I know so much about automobile, I don’t just want to learn it anymore. I actually want to start my own project building my own car. This to me is every guy fancy, having they own custom build car. At some point in my life I don’t want this to be a fancy anymore. I already have a few ideas on what I want my own car to be like. Most of these technology are already out, like for example cars that could drive them self without human input. With these technologies in my car it would make life so much better and even safer. Two of the world major cause for accident will be eliminate, texting while driving and intoxicated while driving. Your car will be able to take care of you. Although I want my car to be all futuristic, I still want it to have that vintage race car look and that look would be my all time favorite car the 1966 Ford GT40. Throughout my eighteen years of being alive I have learn a lot and even forgot a lot but the one thing that would always stick with me would be my love for automobiles.