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Building My Life

Aaron Chen                                                                                                                                       11/6/15

Skyscrapers and building designs have always been one of my interest and something I always wanted to do when I grow up. Being someone who could do these things was my dream profession. My name is Aaron Chen and I’m currently attending New York City College of Technology and I’m majoring in of course, Architectural Technology. For many, architecture might seem intimidating because of the workload and competition and therefore avoid majoring in it, but as for I, my love for architecture outweighs the workload and competition I’m going to face. In my essay, I’ll be guiding you through my roadmap in becoming an architect, my thoughts, and my reasons on becoming an architect. This major fits me best because I have a an interest for design and building, the amount of money an architect makes and I have had two years of education before attending college regarding architecture.

New York City College of Technology is unique in the fact that, their architecture program is the only one of its kind in all of CUNY colleges. While I’m attending City Tech, i would like to receive the associates degree which can be obtained in two years and i would also like to receive the bachelors degree which takes a little longer to obtain, four years. Receiving these two degrees will be a good foundation to my portfolio and hopefully land me the job of my dreams. I say this because with these degrees, I would have knowledge on construction documents, computer application, design and programmatic planning, architectural history and environment system. Learning and knowing this can land me a great job because I already have a set of skills that i can use and provide for whatever firm I’m working for. With this knowledge, i can contribute to the company and design and build the way I always wanted to ever since i was a little kid. City Tech also offers 21st century technology and machines for us to use such as Laser Cutters, 3D Printers, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Rhino and many more. City Tech will prepare us for all the technology and programs that firms will be using to complete the jobs. Although City Tech provides students with all of this, the students must be diligent and be willing to work on their own time. Not everything comes to the student, the student must go out of his or her way to study, make models, build and work to achieve the desired grades. To obtain these degrees, students must not fail any classes which means I must get higher than a D in every class and have all my credits. If a student doesn’t achieve a grade higher than a D, then the student must retake the class and redeem themselves. If I can keep my grades above a D, then I’ll be able to receive my degrees and further my education and work in the architectural field.

Being an architect has always been a dream of mine because I always wanted to build and design. I want to build and design not only because it seems fun but because I want to build and design something that will impact the world and leave a name for myself. As a little kid, as I walked around the concrete jungle exploring this amazing city, i was inspired by the amazing facades and unique buildings there were. Seeing all these amazing designs that we are surrounded by inspired me to become an architect and inspire like how I was inspired. I want to be able to create an amazing piece of work that will inspire the future generation of architects to strive for the best and to strive for my goals as well. Like most people, I don’t want to die without achieving anything in life, which is why i want to build something amazing and inspirational so that when I do pass away, my name and art is left behind to continue my legacy. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved architecture and that is why i attended Brooklyn Technical high School. Brooklyn Tech provided two years of architecture classes that i took and loved. We were provided with many resources and amazing teachers. We were taught many programs and we were engraved with a foundation of knowledge for architecture. With this knowledge, i want to strive for better and more knowledge and incorporate what i’ve learned to the real world.Another reason why I want to become an architect is because of the money that comes with being one. According to my online research, an architect makes an average of $79,650 a year which would be around $30 an hour. Not only am I getting paid a good amount for my job, I’m enjoying my job as well. Not all architects make this amount of money. Students who just graduated don’t make this much money because as an architect, we have much more to learn and we can provide a lot to our employers with just a few years of education. You’ll never learn everything about architecture because everyday, something new about architecture comes up. In, order to make a good amount of money as an architect, one must own their own firm, be renowned or provide great quality work. This being said, this is what intrigues me. I like the fact that I’ll be motivated to work more and produce greater quality work because I’ll be rewarded for my hard work. I want a job that can challenge me endlessly and reward me when im doing well, which is why architecture is the perfect career for me.

In conclusion, architecture is the best fitting profession for me because I have great passion for it, I’ve had previous education in this field and the money I can be making for doing the job I love. I want to create and inspire the future generations and challenge myself through the competition in the world and architecture provides me with all of this. By achieving my City Tech degrees, I’ll be able to continue my path down as as an architect and continue doing what I love. City Tech, just like Brooklyn Tech will provide with a great foundation of knowledge so i can tackle the real world and become a world renowned architect.

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Working My Life Out by Aaron Chen

Aaron Chen                                                                                                                 September 29, 2015 

Prof. Ellis – ENG 1101                                                                   New York City College of Technology

                                                       Working My Life Out

            I believe that in order to live a happy life, you have to be healthy. Growing up as an unhealthy kid in family that has bad medical history was never the best. Knowing that eating one thing can lead to me amputating a leg or being labelled an obese teen was enough to ruin my childhood. Realizing this, I wanted to be a healthier person, which is when I found my love and passion for the gym. Going to the gym and working out has always been in my daily routine for the past year and a half and I can’t go a day without doing so. Not only is it a hobby, it has also become a lifestyle that you must be determined to live. I really enjoy working out and it has become a necessity in my life. Working out in the gym defines my personality and the way I live my life in so many ways. Starting with the physical benefits from working out and the determination to keep a strict diet, to being mentally and emotionally strong as well.
             The gym has helped me in so many ways with one of them being physically. Being a fat kid was really hard. Being called names and being insecure of taking off my shirt were some major concerns. Constantly thinking about what people might call me when I take my clothes off. Being called fat, fat-so, huge and obese were just a few. Then there’s mental and emotional factors that come into play. Thinking about if your gut is sticking out or your pectoral muscles being way too droopy. Being wary of the clothes I could get just so I don’t look “extra” big in those types of clothing. Being uncomfortable wearing the clothes I like because my “flaws” that I would try to hide, would show. These hardships I’ve been through lead me to be so determined to get fit. I was tired of being so worried and insecure to walk out the door and just be comfortable with being myself. With this determination, I worked my hardest to fix the flaws I saw in my body and eventually, things slowly got better and better. Not only was I able to wear the clothes I like, I was never called “fat-so” anymore. Finally being more comfortable in my own body and live life with less worries really makes me content. Being capable of doing the things I could barely do before I worked out. As a fat kid, I couldn’t even do a push up, whereas now being able to pump out a reasonable amount now reminds me of how far I’ve come. Being able to just run a couple blocks and struggle trying to catch a breath of air. Being able to carry myself without the help of others and most importantly helping those who may need a helping hand. Working out has really benefitted me physically. Seeing what I’m able to do now and being able to be comfortable in my own shoes will motivate me to continue my love for working out.

           Being on a strict diet isn’t the best or easiest thing to do in the world for most people, including myself. Seeing your friends eating Shake Shack and sipping on a sugary refreshment is tempting enough to make anyone do the same, but for me, I can’t. Munching on some good delicious steamed chicken breast and a half a cup of brown rice with a side of broccoli is the way to go. It might not be the most appetizing but the benefits are worth sacrificing for. Trust me, I would much rather just buy delicious fast food than to eat some bland and dry chicken breast. If chicken breast and all these other healthy foods weren’t benefitting me, I wouldn’t even think about eating them but in order to be physically fit, one must also eat right. As an amateur, i thought that if I eat anything I want and just work out and do cardio, I’ll eventually be as fit as Christian Guzman or even Steve Cook. Obviously, I was wrong and I’ve learned that you need to eat the right things to build the right muscles. Eating fast food once in a while is alright, but eating fast food constantly while working out won’t get you anywhere. You know what they say, “you are what you eat.” I honestly don’t want to be a McChicken for the rest of my life but rather be healthy and be a chicken breast. I’ve learned to give up what I want now for what I’ve been longing for in the future, a healthier and a more aesthetically pleasing body because nothing is more satisfying than to know that you’ve stuck to your game plan and achieved your goal. That to me is more satisfying than a cheat meal and I’ll say that any day till the day I die. Working out has definitely made me more determined in the way that I will stick to my goals and do anything it’ll take to achieve my goal. I will forever use this determination in anything I do because I know that in the end, I’ll get what I deserve.
      Mentally, the gym has made me a stronger person. Pushing myself to my maximum potential knowing that I will get results in the end. It has taught me in order to get good outcome, one must put in work. No matter how hard or how stressful, you must pull through and persevere because in the end, it’s benefiting no one but you. “Wake up with determination. Sleep with satisfaction.” I want to never live a day knowing I didn’t accomplish what I told myself needed to be accomplished. If I can, then I will. End of the story. I’m grateful that working out has engraved this mindset into me and made me who I am today.
    Finally having what you’ve been yearning for will be your reward. Experiencing the reactions of old friends seeing you after a long time and not recognizing you, is the best feeling ever. Being asking “What happened? You used to be so fat?” and “Oh my god! You’re Aaron?” are a few of the things I hear. Hearing this, I was filled with joy and satisfaction knowing the transformation I had gone through. Knowing that I lost a good twenty pounds of fat and put on a good amount of muscle, boosted my ego. Emotionally, I was very happy and satisfied with what I’ve done. I will forever acknowledge what working out can do to one physically and emotionally. The gym has taught me to not judge those who aren’t capable of doing what we may be able to do, but to see the potential and the capability of someone if they put their heart into it.
    Working out will always be part of my life. I’ll continue to live my life with the mindset, working out has engraved in me and continue to seek the emotional moments I get when people compliment me. I may be happy of where I’ve come since the start, but I’m not at my goal yet. As a passionate gym users, we who work out, are never done with working out. There’s much more to learn and much more to build. I will continue to strive for my health in the future and continue to live my life happy.