Technology breaking apart families and relationships. By Alejandra Avila

Technology has change dramatically throughout the last few decades keeping the control of feelings and acts inside the different individuals. I was born in 1997, where technology was not as much advance as it’s now in days. Must of the people decide to give up their personal lives and let a digital technology, and share all kind of problems they may have in their personal lives. Digital advisers are taking away the sensibility of empathy with our family, friends and sentimental partners in the sense of expressing ourselves and showing them our true feelings. In today’s society, people prefers to talk over the phone and use different social medias such as Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and more than meet up in person and spend some time together, building up some memories, digital technology has also change the way people thing about others. Talking over the phone won’t be the something as talking in person with our partners reactions through things will be different.

Technology has become a bad influence for people to involve in their sentimental lives. My first interviewee was Reynaldo Diaz. He confirm my statement about people involving the technology more than what they need too. (The interview was done in Spanish but for purposes of my paper I will be translating his words to English) he sated “During my times the girls used to do love letters, we gave them flowers and serenade every time we could, but now in days the only thing they do is chat through the different social medias an all happen through a phone.” (Diaz, P.6)  I will love to be as the times people could go and spend some time together, show to that specific person how much you love them, with letter songs and acts. But at a day that does not come up as natural as before, people prefers to spend more time in their videogames and social Medias than spend their time with that special person and build up some memories for both of them. Another thing that my interviewee mention was “now at days people doesn’t have the ability of communication anymore” during times people have the mentality that if they doesn’t like something from a person they just keep it to themselves and try to avoid that person, so their attitude does not botters you. It happens the same in relationships, instead of talking to the other person they just try to keep distance and send indirect via social Medias and that will not make thing better, it will ruin relationship more fast than usual.

On the other hand a person from this era can said the opposite in the sense that social Medias and the different phone devisers do to our emotions and brain reaction when we are interacting with our sentimental partners and family as well. My second interviewee was my sister, her name is Gabriela Avila, she is a college student attending to BMCC she is now in her second year of the same, she is now 19 years old. She totally disagree with my argument while she said “social medias not always split families and relationships between two or more people, I think they do the appositive, when you are far from each other it’s thanks to that, technology that people can communicate and keep the contact with one and other” (Avila,3) In my opinion she had a point, thanks to the technology and electronica devisers that we have now in days we can keep the communication with special people that are far away from us. However it’s not always the case, social media has turn to a public diary for many of the people, that published every single thing that they do or things that are going on in their lives on the different social medias that they have access to. Today this is one of the most common reason why relationships does not last for long terms of time, it has also being the reason of why many families had been split apart it could be either because someone post something or even themselves. Today in days most of the people does not communicated with one another anymore because of the different social Medias.

Going back to our main topic, Electric devisers being more explicit mobile phones came to our society to split and ruin the family unity as well as relationships. While the phones come out to the market, children started to paid more attention to the digital devise instead of going out and spend more time in the outside and spend sometimes with their families and friends, that way they could build sentimental attachments with each other, but now in days they prefer to stay in door and play all day long with the different digital devisers. This force the parents and more the mother to keep contact with the technology so they can have at least a communication with their children. Stated by Furtunaty and Taipate “women while lived together with children may feel obligated to use their mobile phones more often to keep an eye on their children.”  (Furtunaty and Taipate, P 7). This quote means that the mothers that are usually the ones that protect their children and doesn’t want anything bad to go around them, are the ones that go around the different social medias and the different apps to prove that their children are safe enough while they are using the different social media and apps.

Another reason that proves how does the different social medias and technical deviser are breaking relation lines between people is that people throughout times and more now than ever before are trying to get back into the habit of communication with one and other without an scream in between them because they are realizing how does technology affects the with the different relations that people have. This statement is support by an article name “connect your brain to the internet” that stated “Many of the negative forecasts were bullish on technological growth, just skeptical about our ability to control it. In 2021, Steve Williams wrote from Calgary, Alberta, “computers will become so ubiquitous that they will be relegated to appliance status like toasters, as people strive to put the misnamed social media aside in favor of face-to-face human connections.” (Lin and Huang, p-8) This quote is saying that people is blaming technology because we lost the control while it comes to deal with technology, we have no longer the control of what we have done to ourselves and for ourselves.

As time passed by its giving the reason to the different people that believe, that technology only has come to ruin the empathy of people with one and another. Now in days people prefer to use social media and mobiles than go out to the world and build some memories and experiences. This is also leading the parents to participated and behave as their children with the electronic devisers and social medias. This is happening because it’s the only way they found to communicate with their own children now at days. Adding more in today’s society people doesn’t gave themselves the opportunity of build and created new memories that it’s a really important part of our brain development. As it is stated in the book “Brain Rules” by John Medina emotions it’s a really important part of our memory development, we can remember and express empathy with others thanks to the different emotions that had during and specific moment. Technology has become the biggest reason of breaking apart relationships and families.






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