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What Exactly Is Computer Information Systems? by Ryan Karran

My name is Ryan Karran and I am a first year college student studying in Computer Information Systems at New York City College of Technology. I plan to pursue a career in Computer and Information Systems. I want to become a Computer and Information Systems Manager for a variety of reasons. Not only is it a high paying with great working conditions but it also has a low stress level. There are a variety of workplaces that support this type of career and this isn’t just a career. To me this is my passion, something I love doing very much. They say “choose a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” (Confucius). Luckily for me that’ll be a high paying, low stress, and exciting job. In this essay, I plan to inform you about what it is that CIS Managers do along with telling you how I plan to excel in my career in the hopefully near future.

For the career that I plan to pursue, I will require at least a bachelor’s in Information Technology along with some additional training. The name of the degree that I plan on receiving within my next four years is called a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science. The department which offers this degree is called Computer Information Systems and is found within the School of Technology and Design. This major teaches you everything that you could possibly learn about a computer along with how and where data is being transferred. In doing so, you also learn to code in various coding languages along with managing networks and database systems. It also enhances your problem solving and analyzing skills which are not only valuable skills in any profession but valuable life skills. According to the City Tech College Catalogue, my major intends to “provide highly qualified professionals who can understand, apply, manage and anticipate cutting-edge technology along with preparing marketable candidates for positions in the information technology field. Also to provide students with the command of applied skills in technical fields that require a solid foundation in scientific and mathematical theory as well as excellent communications, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, allowing students to anticipate the direction of technology, not just to follow it.” In short, this degree doesn’t just familiarize the student with technology, but it makes them an adept learner and trend spotter.

The first factor that influenced me to choosing this career would have to be the average salary that I could possibly receive. There are two different types of jobs that one can choose when entering this field of work one of which is a government job or a corporate job. The government tends to hire more workers and give employees shorter work hours. Whereas the corporate is much more competitive, has to work longer hours, and must be kept on standby at all times in case of an emergency. Both jobs have their disadvantages and advantages. The average pay for a government job as a CIS Manager is about $101,690 along with the possible benefits one might receive such as government housing, healthcare, and many others. The average pay for a CIS Manager working for a specific company is $133,120. The median salary for any CIS Manager is about $120,950 per year which is approximately $58.15 an hour. About one-third of CIS Managers work more than 40 hours a week in overtime. In choosing which field to work in it depends on the person. If a person would like more leisure time then a government job would be best, but if a person wants to earn more money but have less time on their hands they’d have to go with a corporate job. It’s the classic case of what’s more valuable, time or money. Luckily the pay for any jobs in this career is very good and more than enough to live on.

Another factor that influenced me to choose a career in CIS is the workplace environment. Not only are the hours manageable but with the increase in technology, telecommuting to work has become more common. Essentially, working from home is now a dream come true. While the job may be demanding at times working from home is one of the best benefits this job entails. Working from home gives the person one of the most comfortable environments ever. While some people may say that working from home is a detriment to the company because the employee would feel lazy and slack off just because he’s home is wrong. Many people, including myself work better in a familiar environment. It provides people with the calm and relaxed atmosphere to do their work. Not only that, but it also prevents a lot of social interactions which is very helpful for the people who tend to be more introverted such as myself. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “As network speeds increase, telecommuting is becoming more common. Although few Managers can work remotely, many have to supervise employees who work from home” (Bureau of Labor Statistics Page 2).

My last and most important influence that led me to pursue this career is because of its low stress level. Joe McKendrick’s article, Jobs that demand concentration and split-second decision-making top the list as most stressful, indicates that a Computer and Information Systems Manager is number nine on the list of well payed jobs with minimal stress which can also be supported by Vivian Giang with her article, 15 High-Paying Jobs For People Who Don’t Like Stress. Giang writes how her list, “measures how frequently workers must accept criticism and deal effectively with high stress on the job” (Giang par. 3). Giang also put CIS Manager as the ninth on her list and gave it a stress rating of 64.3 from a scale of zero to 100. As most people know, stress can be very harmful not only to the work environment, but also to an employee’s personal life at home. Stress depletes an employee’s work productivity and leads to major downfalls that can impact other fellow employees within the company. This is a major reason why I would like to avoid stressful jobs and actually do something that I take pleasure in.

In conclusion, a Computer and Information Systems Manager is a job well suited for someone like me. It has a high annual salary of around $120,950 per year along with added benefits depending on what type of job is chosen. This position also offers great working conditions along with flexible schedules and maybe an optional choice for telecommuting. This career has been rated a low stress level job on many websites and has been known to be one of the best high paying jobs with low stress impacts. Upon finishing my bachelors here at City Tech, I plan to get a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Hopefully after studying at MIT, I am guaranteed a position at any company that I’ve applied for. Within the next 5 years, I would hopefully have graduated and started working as CIS manager in a private company. Getting moved up into a higher position in this career takes time and devotion to your work so I plan to be able to get promoted to the highest position in my field within at least 10 years once I start working. Employees in this position sometimes may even be able to take over the company as CEO after a large amount of years working within its ranks.

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Electronic Engineering: The Next Step

What a waste! Making me plan out my career now while I’m just a freshman in college. I mean who would of thought that I, Arjoon Hansraj, would even make it this far. Now, attending New York City College of Technology in the School of Technology and Design studying to be an Electronic Engineer Technician which is under the Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology Department. I just think it all a waste of time, I mean yeah I know what I like to do, create things with my hands that serve a specific purpose. As of right now I think I’m on the right path, Electronic Engineering is the career for me because it allows me create, experiment and investigate new ways of doing things people have done for centuries and allows me to make those ways easier. To start looking at this career I will first look at what I must study in school to be able to face the engineering world, then really divulge why I really chose this career and finally how I plan to further my studies and career.

As far as common knowledge of this career goes, I know that engineering is highly math and science based. According to City Tech, I must take at least two math classes, two science classes, more specifically physics, and two English classes to complete the general education requirements. To add I must also take a variety of engineering courses in which you learn everything from basic circuits to the detail’s of how they work and how to analyze them in order to fully understand them. For example, the first engineering course I take is EET 1102 which is, “An introduction to the use of computers for analysis of electrical and electronic circuits by using state-of-the-art software for computer simulation of circuits” (City Tech, 255). All this is saying is that the first thing you learn is what circuits look like on a computer and how to draw them with basic components. In learning this you set the foundation to further understand the finer points of this field of work. Another course that you take is more hands on than just making circuits on a computer is the Digital Electronics course. In that course you learn, “Fundamentals of digital electronics using Boolean algebra, truth tables, Karnaugh maps and waveforms to analyze and understand digital logic circuit design. Logic gates, binary arithmetic, flip flops, counters and registers are analyzed in experiments.” (City Tech, 255). Though that may sound very confusing, the course itself is very enjoyable. You, as a student, using the knowledge you have gained over the last semester or two, being to actually manually build the circuits you’ve been learning about. To add you get to test out variations of those circuits and let your curiosity wander. From just these two courses alone I can tell that being an Engineer Technician is worth all the hype. There isn’t much of a lecture in these courses as there is labs to see and understand what your learning for yourself and not to just take peoples words. After going through school and learning every thing in the classroom you begin to start your career as an Electronic Engineer Technician. Some of the careers you can hold include Engineering Technician at a Tier 1 auto supplier, Head Inspector at a Gas Turbine company, a service technician for a software developer and much more. All these jobs are available to anyone with the Technician degree however I have one dream career in mind. My dream is to create, design and manufacture Printed Circuit Boards that will aid in upgrading and developing new ways to help humans perform not only everyday tasks but be able to aid them in any way possible.EET2

Even though I know I have a decent amount of time before I get into a career I still stand by my decision to be a Technician. Some of my reasons for this decision is first, ever since I was small I had always been fascinated by the way things were made. I would always see something I liked and try and replicate it on my own. I didn’t really like help from anyone until I found friends that enjoyed the same thing as me. From this early beginning I was draw to my science and math classes more than any other subject. During my high school years, I got a taste of what engineering is and I was hooked from the first day of freshman year. From designing mechanical systems, to wiring circuits, to programming, engineering had my name written all over it. I decided to follow it in college and here I find more reasons why I like this field. Firstly, from just a preliminary look of my courses for the next two years, I have found that most of my classes are engineering classes that are more lab based than lecture. Also I find that in the lab classes I will be able to test theories instead of just learning them which is something I have always wanted to do since middle school. I have always asked the questions why and how, and now in college I am finally able to answer them on my own. From being a very curious kid who always wanted to test and try my hand at everything I have finally found a career that will let my imagination run free, and with my education the possibilities are literally endless.


When I finally enter my career I plan to excel past entry position as soon as possible. I know I can stick to this plan due to the fact that I have done it before. I volunteer as an NYPD Explorer, which is a program initially designed for kids who would like to be part of NYPD but also can be used as an aid to decline as well as familiarizing your self with the law. In the Program there are “ranks” just as there are in the NYPD which you have to display a certain level of competence in order to be recognized and be selected to rank up. Going in as someone who knew nothing, within four months of joining the program I was ranked up before those who were there before me. I was ranked up because I wanted it more than anyone else, now I plan to take that same determination to my career. I know that its not going to be entirely the same in the work force but I still plan to be irreplaceable to my employers. Those at an entry level position make close to $60,000 a year (The United States of America). I do not plan to stay at that level for very long. As an Engineering Technician my mind is developed to constantly be looking at new ways to do things and better the world around me and better myself as well. Being that I may have to follow somewhat of a routine in my job from day to day, after getting used to this I plan to further my education to obtain the next level which is a Bachelors Degree and then Masters. If I stay with the same company, I will take what I learn in the classes and bring it to my company making not only myself better but also the company. I do not plan on being bossed around for the majority of my life, I plan to be the boss and maybe even the bosses boss. I know that I can achieve this goal because I am a person that when I desire something I put all 110% of my efforts into obtaining that goal.


After graduating from college there are many paths you can take in terms of careers. Engineers are not locked to one specific thing they can do. In some points of views, an engineer is a “Jack of All Trades” meaning that they are able to apply their knowledge to a wide range of disciplines. To add we are always searching for a new challenge or way to apply our knowledge. According to Jeff Kerns, “After college, I became a commissioning engineer… So, how did I end up at Machine Design? Long story short, I am always looking for something new. Inventing and entrepreneurship are passions of mine” (Kerns Jeff par. 1). What this means is that even though he started in one place there is always room for improvement and to incorporate new things into what you do. He started as a Commissioning Engineer, but realized that there was so much more he could do with his knowledge. Understanding this for me means that even though my skills may seem very narrow after college, I can always improve upon it. Like Jeff, I can start in one place end up in a complete other. I take this as a lesson that after college I might not be in the career that I dreamed about but if I continue to apply myself to my work and always seek to expand my knowledge I will end up where I truly want to be.

Though I am still just a freshman in college, I know that I have a little time before I am in the real world. However, from now I know what I like to do which will further on to a career in something of my dreams. As of right now, that dream falls under the career of an Electronic Engineer Technician. I have the correct hobbies and mental training associated with this field as well as a drive to be the best. With some minor research, I have found what this career has to offer me in terms of median salary and jobs in my area. Also I have learned that careers are always subjected to change and that I may not be where I want to right out of college but I can always work up to that. As of right now, I have an idea as to how I want the next few years to go. Firstly, in my last semesters I plan to obtain an internship, paid or unpaid, in an engineering firm in order to have an idea as to what the work in the field is like. Then, to have a job in that firm to gain skills and experience that will allow me to find better jobs and start a career. After about 4-5 years, I plan to start my career and fully immerse myself in that career, working as hard as possible to make a name for myself. I know that it will be nowhere near easy but I am ready to work for my dreams because dreams are worth all our efforts. I will make my name known in the Engineering world; it is just a matter of time.

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The Path of an Electrical Engineer

Pooran Nardeo

Professor Ellis

English 1101

8 November 2015

My name is Pooran Nardeo and I am pursuing the path of becoming an Electrical Engineer. This is not going to be a walk in the park and I know that, it will take a lot of time and even money but in the end it will all be worth it. The program that I’m apart of right now is at The New York City College of Technology under the school of Technology and Design, and the department is called Electrical Engineering Technology. This, to me, is the best career because of several reasons. The first and probably the most important reason is that I will be working as an electrical engineer, something that I want to do, not something that I have to do, secondly, the location, for this job I don’t have to be relocated. They are plenty of job opportunity right, where I live. The final reason is the amount of money I will be making. It will be more than enough for me to live my life the way I wanted and probably even support a family later in life. I will start off by giving a general background of electrical engineering Technology and what you have to accomplish in order to become one. After that I will give more detail and facts on my three reason that pursuit me to become one, and how I will further my study in order to get the degree I want.

I am currently studying to obtain my Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Technology. According to the city tech college catalog it will take eight semesters for this degree. In this field of study you learn more about math and physics. As a requirement for this program you need at least three math courses, Precalculus and calculus one and two, and two physics courses, General physics one and two. Along with these major courses, you also learn the basics of electrical and electronic circuit. Getting a job after graduating with a degree in electrical technology shouldn’t be that hard. According to The City Tech College Catalog, “Potential employers include IBM, CODEX, Bank of America, ITT, GE, ConEd, Verizon, MTA, Honeywell, and Northrop Grumman” (college catalog 245). These are very big and recognizable company, two of them are even associated with the City of New York, which is going to make it even that much easier to get a job. I’m not saying that job opportunity will be knocking at my front door, I’m just saying that the chance of me getting a job in my field will be at a higher percentage. This could be both a negative and a positive thing. The negative of this job could be that too many people are doing it and that will cause the salary to be lower than average, but on the other hand, you will be able to get a job faster and closer to home. Out of the list of companies that I got from the college catalog they are three of them that I would like to be working for and that is IBM, General Electric (GE) and Consolidated Edison. These are only two factors that could affect the outcome of me getting a job and they are a lot more. So the opportunity of me getting a job with the right salary is still out there, it just all depends on me being at the right place at the right time.

This is something that I want to do, because for once I get to pick my own path in life. Electrical engineering wasn’t always my dream job, I started to get interesting in it doing my favorite hobby, working on cars. Working on cars has away fascinating me since I was a little boy, but now working on it and getting to know how all the component work, the electrical system was what caught my attention. They is a lot of different thing you could do with the electrical system in a car, the car is basically control by electrical signal and if you know what you are doing you could customize your car to your own needs. After learning what electricity could do on a car, I wonder what it could do to the world. That’s why I chose it to be my career. Engineers have a big impact on the world, they are the people that everyone depends on to make the world a better and more modernize place. They are the ones that are responsible for building all the major structure in the world that make all our life so much better. Most of the major jobs site today need an electrical engineer because of how everything are becoming electronically operated. Working as an engineer in general is an accomplishment by itself, you get to be an explorer in your own ways. As for me becoming and explorer in electrical engineer is what I want to be doing. I wouldn’t just be doing other people work I will have the freedom of doing my own work. One of these works that I plan to be doing is coming up with ways to make a more efficient power source. According to the article careers in engineering “Caroline Paquet, a mechanical engineering at Bouthillette Parizeau and Associates, led the mechanical and electrical engineering team that worked on the three-year project” (Careers in Engineering par 10). This show how engineering from different field are working to together to make something that is impossible, possible. There are working on a project to reduce the energy consumption by 51 percent. These are the type of project that someday I want to be a part of, because of the fact that they will put us one step closer for the world of becoming a more modernize and overall a better place to live.

Location is something that is very important when looking for a job, it’s not only for me but anyone who is looking for a job. Location is important because of all the factor that it effect. Some of these factors are the change of you getting a job, the company you will be working for and the annual wages. Where I work is something that I personally take interest in because of the fact that I don’t want to leave home or my family, at least not right now. This career that I am pursuing right now, have plenty of job in my comfort area of working. According to a data map of the united state found in the occupational outlook handbook, the job rate for an electrical engineer in New York is 1.26 of a person per every thousand (United States). This might not sound that great but this adds up to 11,110 employment each year, and this is just for the New York area. This to me seems to be a good thing because when there is this amount of people working it normally means that there is a shortage and that’s always a good thing. This will mean more jobs opportunity will open up and the salaries will go up. That is how location affects the probability of getting a job and the wages, but that not the only affect it have it also affect who you work for. Since I live in New York City there are a few big companies that I could be working for, and those companies are IBM, ITT, GE, ConEd Honeywell and finally MTA. These are some of the big company jobs that I could be applying for after I finish my Bachelor degree at city tech.

Finally the reason that I chose this path in my career is because of the salary. The salary is important because of several different reasons. One of which, is going to be the way you live your life. According to the occupational outlook statistics the mean average for an electrical engineer is $95,780 that works out to be $46.05 an hour (United States). This to me is not a bad amount of money to be working. This is also the mean averages, which mean it is only the middle 68.2 percentage of the bell curve in standard deviation. You could be making less, which I don’t want to be doing or you could be that 0.1 percent of worker. That is what I’m hoping to be one day. That amount of money is only a starting salary, as time goes on you salary will mostly likely get increased. Back to the way you will be living your life, as I learn from own experience, having money in this world is important and it reflect you status in life. This may not be true for everyone but money makes you the person you are, in one way or another. It could also change you both in a good and bad way. For me this salary will be enough, it will definitely change me from the person I am today but in a good way. All of this is not going to be easy. It’s going to take a few years for this all to start happening, but I start planning for it now because as I learn taking small step at a time will definitely get you to where you need with less stress and hassle. The final reason for wanting to work this amount of money is the freedom. Working this amount of money will be more than enough for me to survive on and that is why I want to do it. I will be able to have all the thing in life that wouldn’t be possible with another job or career and by knowing that I will be more happy with my lifestyle. I will also be able to get my dream car. At this point in life this is only a plan but I’m on the process of making it a reality.

Overall this is what I want my life to be looking like. I first make the life decision on my career which is electrical engineering. To do this it’s not going to be easy but at least I have a starting point, my study at city tech. This as I said is only a starting point, I plan to move on. As I learn city tech only gives out technical degree and I want to be an engineer. So to this my next step is to transfer to a college that gives an engineering degree. My next small step in my path of becoming and electrical engineer is to transfer to The City College of New York. I chose this career because of three simple but important reasons, where I will be working, the type of jobs I will be doing and finally the amount of money I will be making. This career is not just about these three reasons only, but they the most important. I also want to make the world a better place, and since the world is becoming so modernize and everything is operating in one form or another electronically, what better job to be doing than working as an electrical engineer. I also one day hope to come with a form of renewal energy. It doesn’t have to be me all by myself but I’m hoping to be part of the process and that will be an achievement that will make all of this hard work worth it, making the world a better place one small step at a time.

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Edinsson Pena


Eng 1101

Nov 8, 2015                      

Electromechanical Engineering Technology


In life is much easier to settle for less, since difficult task requires more effort or as result of fear we limit ourselves. As humans we have the desire to explore, learn and to better ourselves. I go by the name my parents gave me, Edinsson Peña and currently I am in enroll the NYC College of Technology or NYCCT. I am pursuing the major of Electromechanical Engineering Technology or EMT in the school of science and design at the College I am currently enrolled in. This is the perfect career for me, since I always had the desire to work with computers, the thrill of success after fixing an electronic item and the knowledge I gain after every opening up a new laptop or cellphone encourage me to engage in learning about technological device. I will explain my reasons for selecting this specific major, and go more in depth how I plan to succeed in this major and future career. I choose this major for constant change in the world of technology and great paid/job availability.  As a EMT student I will be taught wonderful skills that I can apply in my future career or job.

Electro-mechanical Engineering Technology is a program that brings technical work with a combination of different elements. This is very challenging major because it combines math and science in large part of the major. In addition, to some writing, since students often would need to able to write a clear report on laboratory assignments. In the student College catalog it tell us, “It is multidisciplinary in
nature in that students are taught the fundamentals of electrical
and mechanical technology, computer hardware, software, data communications and networking” (College Catalog, 218). In other words, the EMT program focuses on a great amount of technical work taught by professor here at the college. Furthermore, students who major in the EMT program at NYCCT have the chance of becoming technicians at, “Verizon, Cablevision, Apple, Logic Control, Lutron Electronics, JetBlue, MTA, NYC Transit, NYPD, and the elevator industry” (College catalogue). These are all companies that hire highly skilled prepare electromechanical engineers to improve and Innovate the world of technology. After graduating from NYCCT I would like work as a technician in my field. However, in my field, technicians are prepared to deal with software and hardware problems. I want to specialize in hardware problem solving, since I understand hardware more. However, in this field technician do no just deal with hardware, but “Technician also set up computer equipment, schedule maintenance, perform repairs, and teach clients to use programs. Technicians need strong knowledge of computers and how they operate, including a broad understanding of hardware and software, operating systems, and basic computer programming” (A Technician Shortage, PR 1). Computer technician deal various jobs, in where they have to applied calculations and diagnose other electrical machines besides computer. EMT technicians design and plan schematics for potential plan for products for the companies I mentions earlier in this essay. In addition , they Test the performance of electro-mechanical assemblies, using test instruments like the multi-meter or create circuits on using software programs like multisim to test to potential builds. Technician also Install electronic parts and hardware, using soldering equipment, screwdrivers and other tools. Technicians perform contents  maintenance, but they “upgrade, and test electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems” (oohb). Technician need to innovate and learning the different components that various companies manufacture. This is because technology is constantly advancing forward. Everyone has their own reasons for pursuing a major that draws their interest.

I choose to enroll in Electro-mechanical engineering technology, since the work field it is just perfect for me. I would not feel comfortable sitting on a desk for eight hours a day, for five days a week. This is because I dislike sitting for a long time not doing anything interesting. “Electro-mechanical technicians work closely with electrical and mechanical engineers. They work primarily in manufacturing, engineering services, and research and development. Their job tasks involve both engineering theory and assembly line production work. Consequently, they often work both at production sites and in offices”(oohb). Technicians are frequently engage in problem solving and learning how to deal with new technical malfunctions everyday in computers or others electronics. I did like to be to be satisfy with myself, since this my dream career and I live by the quote once said by someone “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”. Technology is my passion, every time I am able to fix a laptop or cell phone, I get this euphoric feeling. I can recall when took apart an Apple macbook pro model A1260 to swap the bottom housing and change the battery. This macbook pro is old, so it is unibody design. This means that some the components can be interchange, as oppose to the newer and latest macbook pro models. This was a long processes and but I did. I would have done a more professional if had thermal tape and thermal paste for the chips. My only response to this feeling is never ending curiosity and a drive that keeps me  interested in this major. The technology in this era is not perfect because is made by mankind, therefore new problems will show up there will be there will always be the need for a technician. I want to live a comfortable life after sacrificing money and time in college.

     Technology is ubiquitous in today’s society. Without a doubt big cities depend on the different types of electronic devices or other types of technologies like trains. Nevertheless, when they of this things start having issues is best to call a technician. This is because a large part surveillance cameras, Banks and other places in cities like New York or others are under different computer networks. Important information in many countries are in data banks. “An example of a technician shortage can be seen in the cyber operator category. Cyber operators manage networks and provide for network security The U.S. Department of Defense has been looking for 6,000 cyber professionals since 2012”(technician shortage). All this important information needs to be kept away from the wrongs hands. However, to do this great complicated software needs to be install in some of this places. Electro-mechanical Technicians get paid $51820 per year and $24.91according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. This is because technicians are constantly working longer shift than most carriers, hey need to make sure to make repairs so that manufacturing operations can continue. I remember when I took classes in phone repair shop. The head technician showed two other students and I how to tear down a phone and how to properly assemble it back together. The most time consuming part his job was waiting on the parts to fix the phones. He told us he takes on multiple projects at a time because of this delays. The product of this was that he could sit around wasting time, since customers are very demanding. Technicians are always need in society, so that system and  manufacture run smoothly.

I am pursing the major Electro-mechanical engineer technology to deal with malfunction or other issues in technological world. I have the desire of becoming a great Electro-mechanical technician in a big company. The reason I’m pursuing this career  is it’s a well paying job and the love I have for technology. I plan to excel in my major by learning and understanding the concepts of my classes. I do not wish to rush through my education and have future misunderstanding in my career so I must do exceptionally well in order to get the job . The milestones I have set for myself for the next 5 is  to applied to Apple to get some work experience and later when I finish my bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology I did like to start a career there.


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The Perfect Fit of Communication Design and Marketing by Alex Feng

My name is Alex Feng and I am currently in the Civil Engineering major. What I really want to major in is Communication Design Management. After supposedly receiving my associate and bachelor degree in that major, I want to become a marketing manager. This career and major is the best for me because I have an sincere interest in this major thanks to an opportunity I was given at Brooklyn Technical High School, the promising job aspects towards the future in the marketing manager career, and the skills I obtain in this major which appeals to me. I will first broadly discuss about what I can do with a degree in this field. Then I will specifically explain my three reasons about why this major and career for me is perfect for me. Lastly I will mention what my plans are to succeed towards the future of my career and where I see myself in six to fourteen years from now.

I am currently enrolled in the School Of Technology And Design in New York City College of Technology and according to the New York City College of Technology College Catalog 2015-2016, this degree that I seek to attain is called “Associates in Applied Science in Communication Design Management”. After obtaining this degree, the three entry-level jobs that I can pursue are advertising, marketing and graphic design. Using what I learn from this major such as content delivery and the principles of selling, I will pursue my career as a marketing manager. Furthermore not only do I want my education at City Tech to provide me with the knowledge and skills to become successful as a marketing manager, but also to broaden my world in media in the fields of photography, filmography and web design.

The first reason about why Communication Design Marketing is the best for me is due to my previous experience in this major. My first footprint in the world of Communication Design was when I was still a junior at Brooklyn Technical High School. I was blessed with the opportunity to major in media which was known as Communication Design. This major was broken into classes of photography, typography and filmography. At first I thought it would probably end up being a couple of other boring class because this major was consider where the students mostly just slack off. Yet, given some time and after being taught the basics in all of those areas, I have developed a sincere interest, appreciation and love for Communication Design. Only a handful of students other than myself were actually engaged in the activities of what the classes had to offer. My media teacher at the time, Ms. Buglione, once said, “Follow your passion and the money will follow.” Money is no issue of mine,but ever since my passion for Communication Design started to burn since that day, I know that this major is definitely the right one for me.

Previously, I may have said that money is no issue of mine, but my second reason about why becoming a marketing manager is the job aspects. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook,” 2012 Median Pay is $115,750 per year while it is $55.65 per hour. Also that the job outlook from 2012-22 is 12% and that the employment change from 2012-22 is 25,400.” I am very surprised of the salary marketing managers make and that it sounds like there is a guarantee increase of employment in this career, too. These two suggestions give me the impression that if I become a marketing manager, then I will be financially well off. Nevertheless, there are some things I have to keep in mind in of. According to my mother and sister, I will constantly have to deal with a moderate to high amount of stress and strive to be creative and stay innovative with marketing idea plans. Also that those who do end up as a marketing manager usually has an extremely terrible personality. Given my experience with dealing with high amounts of stress from school, creativeness, an unique, but kind personality and a compromising mindset I strongly believe that becoming a marketing manager is the right career for me. To add on to that, I will aim to become a marketing manager that is more of a people person who tries to understands the customer rather than focus on making profits even through that sounds contradicting to what the job’s responsibility may entail.

The last reason why Communication Design Marketing is the best for me is because of  the possible skills I will pick up and small hobbies I have. I am certified in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2013, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator CC 2013 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. These four Adobe programs that I am certified in are all used and involved in Communication Design Marketing. In this major, the classes that I am allowed to take such as Web Design and Introduction to Film and Video Production Design will only enhance my skills. Furthermore, when I want to provide my assets to a customer, I will be able to effectively market their product with a well design web page and a promotion video, too. For example, currently I play on multiple MapleStory private servers. These servers are constantly looking for a web designer, graphics designer or just staff in general. With the knowledge  and skills I will gain from majoring in Communication Design Marketing, I can start helping small gaming communities and relate it towards the future when I work for a company. Other than helping customers or communities, personally I would just hone my photography and film making skills thanks to the classes that are offered through this major. This is why I believe that Communication Design Marketing is the absolute major for me.

Majoring in Communication Design Marketing and becoming a marketing manager is the right path for me. With the tools in my arsenal to complete any task given to me, the gorgeous aspects of marketing managers in the upcoming seven years and my sincere interest in Communication Design Marketing there is no denying that what I want to major in and my dream career is perfect for me. I plan to have an reunion with my high school media teacher to learn from her insight base on her experience teaching Communication Design. Also that I will seek help from older friends that have jobs in the marketing field already to guide me as I go down this path. In order for me to distinguish myself I already have the four certifications in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Premiere Pro, but this isn’t enough for my standards. I will go above and beyond by seeking several internships at various companies as soon as soon as I complete my associate degree, but still pursue my bachelor degree. In six years, I plan to have a stable job as a marketing manager working for a prestigious company. Then in 14 years or if I need a bit more time to be ready, my plan is to become an entrepreneur and reflecting on my experience as a marketing manager I will create a successful business which is my end goal.

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“Reaching For The Stars”

To most people who know me I would be referred to as Laurence. My full name however is Darien Aasin Laurencin. I’m a student in the School of Technology and Design at New York City College of Technology, (commonly known as City Tech), obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Computer System Technology. Computer System Technology, also known as Computer Programming dates back to the early 1950s when programming was just zeros and ones, evolving to high level language, creating amazing applications and software such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. The love I have from Computer Programming didn’t start not long ago, while I was a high school senior in my first semester I didn’t have any idea of the major I wanted to study, but through the inspiration of a teacher, I was able to stop the lie of wanting to become a biomedical engineer and start my path as a computer programmer. My passion towards pursuing this major grew as a City Tech student. Observing the love that my professors’ have for computers, made me come to a realization that I also have a love for it. When I’m in my programming classes, the work seem to be effortless yet challenging to me compared to my non computer classes. I believe finding a career in this field wouldn’t be hard, by having various computer skills in network security, and application though my major, I would be able to go from protecting people from hackers, to creating amazing applications that can better the lives of others. With all these aspects my journey to being a great Computer Programmer will be a success.

Within the 21st Century technology that’s being created, most of the machines have to be programed in order to do a specific task. The first programmer was a lady by the name of Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace was the first person to write code, or simple instructions for the first programmable computer made by Charles Babbage. According to When Faster is Slower Armour stated, “Early 1970s, the only available computer was a large main frame. When I say large, I mean physically; in memory size it was miniscule. The computer’s primary function was running a steelworks and any software development task requiring computer resources had to wait until the machine was not engaged in more important tasks” (Armour 1). This quotation showed how programming started with mathematicians using simple coding to calculate numbers on a huge computer that held little memory space. Machine language were instructions, using ones and zeros evolved to new and improve English like instructions. To understand the concept of how the history of programming evolved, in the early stages of programming to make a program instruction true or false a programmer would use one as true and zero for false. Today programmers can actually use simple words to make a program work, and programming languages such as C++, Java, and Html are used every day from making an app to making a webpage. A famous programmer that most people know is Mark Zukerberg. Mark Zukerberg is one of the cofounder of Facebook which have over 2 billion users. He has a net worth of about 35 billion. His programming journey didn’t start of easy. First Mark Zukerberg had to study, and that was what he did. He became a programmer at 12 and learned C++. He did created a program that made his parents two computer interact with each other. Mark Zukerberg along with his colleagues made an app that allowed people to interact with other in Harvard University, which started the idea of Facebook. To me the “Golden Age” of programming was in the early 2000s. This was when applications and software was making billions such as Microsoft. Microsoft profits increased substantially by making programs and applications such as Internet Explorer, Windows 2007 operating system, and Microsoft Office. Because Microsoft made all these applications, the CEO Bill Gates became, and still is the richest man in the world.

It was the first semester of my senior year in high school and my counselor handed me a piece paper of my class schedule. The schedule had English, Pre-calculus, gym, and HTML web design. All the classes I received were familiar to me except for HTML web design. I was thinking, “What the heck is a HTML.” The class seemed hard, so I was tried to switch my schedule while I had the chance. My counselor convinced me to try the class for a semester, and if I want I’ll be able to switch. During the first few days in the class the teacher, Mrs. Duffus, said HTML meant Hyper Text Markup Language and it’s a high-level computer language that most people use to make web pages. I thought making web pages would be fun, but it’s not for me. For the first few weeks the teacher was mostly talking web pages and learning how to make webpages, until one day it was time to finally create a web page. The first web page I ever created was supposed to show at least four people that inspired me in life. It sounded easy on paper, but when it was actually time to make the web page come to life, I struggled. There was days I spent extra time in class after school when me and my teacher would work together on my web page. She taught me various ways to make the styles of webpage, and use different website making programs such as Dreamweaver and Notepad++. Due to her extra support I was able to put my first ever web page up online before anyone else in the class. By the time it was time I was making my second webpage, “All about me,” I became a pro. I used more advance colors, and coding to create my website. I knew that I wanted to stay in this class my second semester. I soon found out there was other ways to program besides HTML and wanted to learn it all. HTML was my first program I became a pro at, then went on to CSS to help my webpages become more interactive. I made a decision that would change my life forever. I initially set my major to a bachelor degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Rochester, but then at the last minute made a decision to study Computer Systems Technology at City Tech. At the end of my high school year I left with a love for programming, creating three webpages and won the Award of Technology.

uVmtBMn7ZlKKM0N7HA57Z8FaihQeZLJmfc2KgDOELVA eqAX7HGG-l6UucbxlGoyXHoVmHtuHyUGViSfi3RzFxs -iLGHtPA15cEcB6-eEXA3Uw24dTrvUSAjKz5oZJANL4

Going to college is both an exciting and challenging experience, from joining clubs to dealing with strict professors. As I progress in my first semester in college I had to learn everything it takes to became a computer programmer and graduate with my bachelor’s degree. To know what it takes to graduate at City Tech with a person major, someone will refer to the City Tech College Catalog. The City Tech College Catalog stated, “A grade of “C” or better in each course designated with the prefix MST and/or CST will be required for progression towards graduation” (College Catalog 222). So in order for me to get one step further to my goals I would have to get a C grade or better to graduate with my bachelors. City Tech College Catalog also said that I would be able to take a course in Multimedia and Mobile Device Programming. This course according to the College Catalog, “Covers Java language support of applications on cell phones, PDAs and other small computational devices. Strengths and limitations of using the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on small devices. Issues involved in moving large multimedia files between platforms and their storage in databases” (College Catalog 227). This specific course in my Computer Systems Technology degree will help me create applications. Being able to learn how to make application on a cellphone has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was fifteen years old. In addition my present time at City Tech have been both challenging and exciting. In my, Introduction to Computer Programming class, my professor thought me how to turn the decimal numeric system which is numbers zero through nine to the binary numeric system which is just zero and one. When I was thought this is was challenging at first, but when I got the hang of it, I had fun converting the numbers. My professors also helped add on to my goal of being a computer programmer, and graduate with a Computer System Technology degree. When my computer programming professors teach, I observed they teach with passion and excitement exemplifying their love for programming. This made a deep connection between me and my professors. Within the next 4 years I will obtain a bachelor degree in Computer Systems Technology. With this degree I will then start my journey to become the best computer programmer.

The hardest challenge I believe that will face on my journey to being a computer programmer is finding a career in where I’m financially stable. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook my major allows me to go into many career feels such as, Web development, Software Development, and Information Security Analysts. Between those three careers the one I’m mainly interested with Information Security Analysts. The reason for this is because The Occupational Handbook stated about Information Security Analysts is, “Employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 37 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for Information Security Analysts is expected to be very high, as these analysts will be needed to come up with innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing critical information or creating havoc on computer networks” (United States para .5.). Knowing that there is an increase demand for this type of field may insure that I get a career faster then the average person. In addition being in the Information Security Analysts field allow me to make the Internet safer for people to use and ensure that I acquire the knowledge to protect my own self from hackers. The Occupational Outlook Handbook also stated that the annual pay rate for that job is $86,170. Earning $86,170 would make me financially stable and also help my parents retire early. Being in the Computer Systems Technology field will allow me to gain access to computer knowledge far beyond what people just see on a computer screen. Each time I’m in Manhattan I would usually go in the apple store and observe the work environment. During my time at the apple store I received a warm and friendly welcome, and in addition I would observe the tech specialist work on fixing people broken or malfunctioned Ipads, IPhones, and MacBook’s. Due to my observation before I receive my bachelors degree I would like to work with apple at the apple store and become a tech specialist. If I become a tech specialist I can utilize that work experience to move on with my career or hopefully get promoted at the store.

Being a computer programmer would be a fun, but it takes a lot of hard work and determination. The belief that one day I’ll grow up and become successful in the computer field have been instilled in me ever since I graduated high school. I believe my true journey to success has not even start yet. My parents always told me work hard; play later, maybe that’s why I’m both a full time student and full time worker. No matter what bumps and bruises I face I can achieve anything and my love for computers will help me keep my sanity on that journey. If I’m ever upset or down, I would just turn on my computer and start designing a new webpage or study more on programing. The famous Mark Zukerberg said, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

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Computer Engineering By: Reynaldo Cabral

Reynaldo Cabral

Professor Ellis

English 1101



Computer Engineering

My name is Reynaldo Cabral, I am a student at The New York City College of technology, CUNY (City Tech), and I am a computer hobbies. Inspired by my interests, I am pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. My degree is offered in conjunction with the Electrical Engineering department at City College’s Grove school of Engineering. I plan to transfer City College and switch my major, because City Tech does not have the program that is going to drive me to my success. Once I graduate I plan to obtain an internship at Microsoft as a Computer Engineer, which will give me a strong foundation on which to build my career. The reasons I am going for this degree are; when I was really young I was able to see the inside of a desktop, I love using computers and disassembling them that I am interested in working on them, this major pays a good amount of money that is necessary for our daily life. In this essay I will elaborate how this major became an interest to me and when did it start, I will also explain what happened when I was young and was able to see the inside of a desktop, and why the money that I will gain from this is my biggest concern.


Computer Engineering is about designing hardware, programming software, and assembling computer parts. Also it includes math and electrical engineering (City College 148). In the College Catalog, it says that I can gain a position on programing computers, computer assembling and computer maintenance. From the Catalog I learned that a lot of companies are offering jobs like Apple, NYPD, MTA, NYC Transit, and a lot more (City Tech 213). I was surprised to learn that NYPD offered a job for this major, and also that Computer engineers also work with programming. I thought that programing was only part of Software Engineering. City Tech Cuny College is the college I am in right now. In it I am going for the major Computer Engineering Technology, but I want to change to Computer Engineering in which I know they sound the same but they are not. I have done my research and I found out that Computer Engineering Technology only teaches a drop from the well of Computer Engineering. Also a Computer engineer technologist worker works under a worker that has a bachelor’s degree on Computer Engineering. I want to be above and be something greater and not under someone else and be less than them.


When I lived in Dominican Republic around the age of 4 or 5 I had the splendid idea of putting gum in the optical dive believing it would create a CD out of the gum and have a bubble gum game inside. My dad had to open the desktop and remove the optical drive to put in a new one. I was able to see the parts of the computer and since back then there was not a thing called Gaming Computers like we have now a day. I remember that it did not have a video card, the motherboard had it built-in, and I also remember the RAMs inserted into the motherboard slots, the fans and the CPU. Seeing all these parts was like seeing paradise. Since then I wanted to build my own. From back then I remember seeing my dad build his own computer as well in which encouraged me to build one of my own. While I was growing up I have been doing research on which career will lead me to getting closer with computers and being able to construct my own. 13 to 14 years have passed since that day and I am 18 years old now and I have finally built my computer, I made it mostly for gaming. This was one of my goals and completing it has been a dream come true. I cannot even describe the joy that I felt building the desktop, connecting it piece by piece knowing that if I connected something wrong the computer would shock the motherboard and rendering it useless. Knowing this risk made it more challenging and more rewarding after it was done, I felt like I won the marathon, or that I scored a goal and won the world cup for soccer, it was the greatest feeling of my life. It also felt like I was filling in the empty hole in my heart. Now I must move on to my second goal that is to build a fully functional robot with an self learning A.I. installed in it, teach it to help humanity, and to finish what I started.


I was always told that if I go for a major that earns me a large amount of money, however if I am not committed to the work needed for this major, I will be miserable for the rest of my life. There is also another saying that is being said a lot now a days, is if I go for the major I enjoy doing I will never find a job offering for my major. I believe that it is a lie. I have met plenty of people that got a job for what they studied hard for. This is why I am going for Computer Engineering because it intrigues me. I find it joyful when I am taking devices apart or building one. I know that I will find a job for this major as soon as I finish getting the degree. Engineering is the future; we are designing its outcome. Engineers create to help people live more comfortably with their environment. I believe computer engineering is going to be at the top. Even now that we are starting to digitalized everything and placing them on the internet for easy access, Later on in the future there might not be any need in manual labor which isn’t always a good thing. I want to be the one that designs a device that lets the brain into a virtual world nothing like the Oculus. I want to create something that links the brain with a game, enter it, move around just by thinking of moving, and no physical body movement needed. Computers are really helpful. They help us keep our work place neat by storing our most important files in it with security to keep it safe. It also entertains us with video games, streaming movies, etc. Computers are a wonderful Creation and I want to be a part of its progress. I want to make it go faster, further, and make it stay strong so it can advance so it ends up creating the future its self.


Computer Engineering pays $100,920 per year and $48.52 per hour (OOH). Even though it is a lot of money I am not perusing this major because of it. Money is necessary for my living needs like water, food, and shelter. My mother was always telling me to go for the career that pays the most, that what we would love to work for does not pay enough to live of anymore. She tried to convince me to become a lawyer but it kept losing my interest because every time I asked permission to use the computer she would scold me telling me I had to start reading if I wanted to become a lawyer. Later on I notice that being a lawyer pay more than being a computer engineer. I have no interest in being a lawyer even if their pay is higher it does not matter to me because I want to go for the career that make me wake up with a smile and exited to go to work every morning. I am planning on applying for the major companies like Microsoft, Sony, Apple, etc. Some may say that this plan of mine is childish but I do not listen to what they are saying because if all they are trying to do is bring my goals, dreams, plans down they are not worth my time. Going for this major opens a lot of opportunities to the big companies so why would I lose my chance when it is right in front of me, I wont mind going for Google either, they have an awesome HQ and it seems fun to be there. As long as I am doing the thing I love I will enjoy life to its fullest as if it is my last day on earth.

In all this is why I picked to become an Engineer or rather how it chose me. I believe that in the moment I decided to put gum in the computer to where I was able to see something fascinating when it was opened. The possibilities that my dad being called to work that day where very high and then he would have fixed it another day without me there to see. I would not have seen what would inspire me to be something great later on in life or to help me choose what defines me. Me 4 or 5 years olds not knowing that later on in life I would be living in the United State going to college for the thing that defines who I am and what I’m going to become later on.

This is the pc, 2 pictures are from when i was building it and the other 3 are from today

1444965019329 1444965019896 IMG_20151108_215552 IMG_20151108_215820 IMG_20151108_215953





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Terris Greene – Majoring in CIS: Hopes of Being a Computer Systems Analyst

My name is Terris Greene, and I currently attend New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn. My major is Computer Information Systems, under the Computer Systems Technology Department of the School of Technology and Design. My goal is to graduate from the program with my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Technology to become a Computer Systems Analyst. I chose this career path because of the high availability of this job and the pay, based on the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Department of Labor Statistics. I also have a passion for being able to find solutions to problems that are found within the software of computer, and being able to keep the computing aspect of a company running smoothly would be a great thing to do in my opinion career wise. Using the City Tech College Catalog, I will be able to see how my major and classes will help me achieve this goal.

My major is Computer Information Systems, which is the Associates major to Computer Systems Technology Bachelors major. According to the City Tech College Catalog, the Associate’s program provides students with “a solid foundation in the field of computer systems which enables them to make a seamless transition to the bachelor of technology in Computer Systems” (College Catalog p. 222, par. 2) For the current semester, I am taking Introductions to Computer Systems, Problem Solving with Computer Programming, English Composition I, and Public Speaking. These classes serve as the basic skills needed for the field that I hope to progress in, with Intro to Computer Systems and the Problem Solving class being two of the more important since they are two of the Program-Specific classes. Public Speaking also has great value since it teaches me the skills needed to give presentations and talk in front of a group of people. Along with 9 other CST classes, such as Web Programming I and Introduction to Computer Security, I have to take other Flexible-Core classes, for example Introduction to Psychology, to at least receive my Associate’s Degree. Using what I plan to learn, I hope to find an internship within an organization, and then eventually become a Computer Systems Analyst, which “study an organization’s current computer systems and procedures and design information systems solutions to help the organization operate more efficiently and effectively”, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Handbook par. 1)

Like most computer based jobs these days, computer systems make a very decent salary. Based on the Occupational Outlook handbook, the median annual wage for computer system analysts was $79,680 in May 2012 (United States par. 5), and $81,190 in 2013, based on The U.S. News website (U.S. News). This salary is based off working full-time hours, usually more than 40 hours a week, with the pay rate being at average $38.31 per hour. Compared to other computer based careers, computer system analysts have one of the top salaries, having only software developers making more. The highest paying cities in the United States for this occupation are more within the West Coast, such as San Francisco and San Jose, California. The exceptions of this would be the District of Columbia and Bridgeport, Connecticut. I find this to be a really great rate of pay, especially since the average salary for computer systems analysts increase every year.

Another thing that intrigues me about this career is the extraordinary job availability. Technology continues to advance daily at a very fast pace, so there will be a need high demand for technicians and analysts in this field. Holding over 520,000 jobs in various industries, systems analysts manage to maintain positions to work based off their high demand alone. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the top industries hiring these computer workers are computer system companies, being responsible for 27% of the hiring of analysts. Other industries hiring such workers are finance and insurance companies (Handbook par. 3). It is predicted that the employment rate for this career will be faster than all occupations continuing to 2022. What also appeals to me is the work environment for this profession. My personal preference is to be able to have chance to work alone and in a group, and being a systems analyst will give the best of both worlds. There is even the possibility of traveling to other places to manage your business, even though most of the communication done is this field is telecommunication, or communication done through technology.

While money plays a key part in me choosing this career, I feel I want to be a computer systems analyst to be able to help others and say that I was a part of something major. There are numerous opportunities to do something spectacular in this field, including analyzing and designing information systems. They research the problem found in the system, plan out a solution to the problem and then recommend software and other possible systems to resolve the issue. This is key to help keep things running within industries, especially majority, if not all, major companies today are ran off a large network computer system. So being in control of how well that functions is not only an outstanding accomplishment, but a rather great honor as well. A good example of how systems analysts help solve problems is shown in the Nature article entitled “Security ethics”. This article discusses the challenges that computer-security researches have with finding solutions, due to the fact that their method of troubleshooting consists of hacking the security of the systems. Although they are attacking the security, the researchers do it to find the flaws in the systems for a solution to be found. This method seemed to be unethical, stirring up controversy within companies even though the flaws in the system weren’t announced to the public until a resolve to the issue was identified. Still these analysts continue to do their job in order to better other companies, hoping that more industries become more open to their strategies. This example shows the dedication that these workers have and the risks they are willing to take in order to fix all the possible problems within a computer system. This is something that I would like to be a part of, hoping to see a growth in my work ethic and determination towards tasks, regardless the difficulties of them.

I hope that the goals that I set for myself aren’t ones that are impossible to reach, knowing that this is something that I want to dedicate a lot of time and effort towards doing. I expect my journey to becoming a computer systems analyst to be a challenging one, but I know once I finish school and find a job within the field, everything will start to look up from there. I feel more than ready to start a successful and happy career in the technology field, bringing the most help that I can to anyone that’s in need.



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Electrical Engineering Technician

Jean Betances

Profesor Ellis

English 1101


My name is Jean Betances and I am a student at New York City College of Technology, majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology. I am in the program for an associates in this field, which would make me an electrical technician and then I will pursue a degree in a four year institution in electrical engineering. I am excited about this career because it’s something I have wanted to do ever since I was a child. Technology has always been something that intrigued me and that I wanted to find out about more. I wanted to see how it worked on the inside, what makes it run the way it does and what tells it to do the things that they do. It has always been something that has captured my attention so it seemed natural to choose a career that deals with technology.

For a long time I thought about mechanical engineering but later on I discovered I was more interested in the electrical side to things. I think I was drawn to the electrical aspect of things because I realized that without it the whole operation would be pointless and not operational. It seemed to me that the electricity portion was the most important aspect of any technological piece. I wanted to know how every machine around us and the houses we live in are powered and how to fix any electrical problem that I may encounter. Another reason I chose this career is because a lot of people in my family are engineers themselves. For example my two of my cousins, my uncle, and my aunt back in the Dominican Republic. In this essay I will address what is the role of an electrical technician and what is expected of his position. I will also further explain my reasoning for choosing this particular major.

An electrical technician, when working in research and development, may be needed to construct breadboard layouts of electronic devices and experimental chassis and cabinets of prototype equipment. (College Catalog, 243) A breadboard in electronics is a circuit assembled on an insulating surface, often with solderless contacts, in which components can easily be replaced for circuit alteration and experimentation. In drafting a cabinet is designating a method of projection in which a three-dimensional object is represented by a drawing having all vertical and horizontal lines drawn to exact scale, with oblique lines reduced to about half scale so as to offset the appearance of distortion. They may also have to design and construct test fixtures and apparatus, plot graphs of test results and write reports, and inspect and calibrate test equipment. The main responsibility of electrical technicians is mostly in maintenance and control of installed equipment. However they are often put in teams with electrical engineers, other engineering technicians, and draftsmen. In a group the electric technician may suggest positions of electronic components on a panel or chassis, they may suggest modifications and perform design calculations for engineers. They could also prepare specifications for certain materials and parts, estimate the cost of alternate design possibilities and help write use and technical manuals for electronic equipment users. Employers for this career include companies like Con Edison, IBM, ITT, Avaya, USPS, NYPD, MTA, JPMorgan Chase and Verizon. Electrical engineering technicians work in offices, laboratories, and factories because the job requires both engineering theory and assembly-line production.

Electrical engineering Technician’s pay median is $57,850 per year which is $27.81 per hour while the bottom 10 percent of the technicians make $34,560 and the top 10 percent make $83,120. The work schedule usually follows the same time as production workers in the industry in which the Electrical engineering technicians work in. For example, if you work for the federal government you follow their standard workweek schedule or if you work in a manufacturing industry you would follow theirs, although sometimes overtime might be required. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Electrical Engineering Technology)

A man named Erik at which is a part of the Energy Programme is a post-secondary teacher in Sweden. Erik teaches Energy Technology but before becoming a teacher like his father he was a plumber for 15 years. In an interview Erik stated that when he was a plumber he just turned screws but the never understood what it was that he was doing or how the whole thing worked. I realized that this was a warning for the future. I need to learn in City Tech the Engineering Theory before I can do anything in the real world. I might learn on the job but having an understanding of the big picture makes the job a whole lot easier. (Reasons for choosing a technically oriented education: an interview study within the fields of pipefitting and industry, 382)

Technology has always been interesting to me ever since I was a kid. One day years ago my parents got both me and my sister a virtual pet toy called Tamagotchi, which were very popular at the time. From playing with it so much I must have broken something on the inside of my toy because it stopped working. I decided to replace the inside screen with my sister’s Tamagotchi instead of just asking my parents for another one. I got a set of screws that my father got for me earlier in the year and I took apart both my sister’s and my own Tamagotchi. I took out my broken screen and replaced it with hers, then I put the hardware back together and to my surprise the toy worked just like new. I found it shocking that I was able to do that successfully. After that I tried to fix everything that was broken electronically around the house. One time after that day I tried to fix the vibrating mechanism on my PlayStation 2 controller. Although I failed to fix that, I found the inside of these things very intriguing and wanted to learn more about it. That was when the interest for engineering truly sparked for me and I started to look more into an engineering career. In high school I wanted to learn more about how engineering worked so I joined a robotics club and we worked on a robot to enter the First Robotics Competition. This furthered my interest and helped me decide what I wanted to become. In the program I learned the different things between the mechanical aspect of the robot and the electrical. I leaned toward the electrical side a little bit more than the mechanical. This always felt like the right career and it was the one that I always had in mind. If not this career, I’m not really sure what I would do instead. Another big reason I chose this career is because I want to see my work become something real and be able to say that I helped design whatever it may be. I want to be able to point out exactly what I did and see how I contributed to the final product.

What I want to get out of my time at City Tech is a working knowledge of how the real world of engineering works and knowledge that I could apply on the job. Just like teacher Erik stated I want to understand the big idea before I get to the details of my career. In the future I plan to have a comfortable career as an Electrical Engineer on a firm. I plan to live right here in New York City but travel around the world with the opportunities I get in my career. I also want to use my knowledge from City Tech to in my everyday life. I want to learn things that could help me in day to day situations.

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My Decision For Choosing Architectural Technology As My Major and Career! By Taylor Marie Hernandez

My name is Taylor Marie Hernandez and I am in my freshman year at the New York City College of Technology, also known as City Tech. I am 18 years old and currently majoring in Architectural Technology. As a little girl I had developed an interest that went from drawing, to architecture. My early interest was in art. I always loved to draw and whenever I would go to the mall I would stop at a certain stand because I found it cool how the artist would draw all these different pictures. Later on in my childhood when I was in the fourth grade my grandma, my mom and I went to Budday and Schuster Architects because my grandma was building a house next door. Whenever I would go to the architect, I would sit down at the table and my eyes would always draw attention to the architect while he was speaking about the different plans. He would explain the elevations, plans, sections, and where everything would be located. From then on I decided to make this my future goal and I know that this would be something I want to do. I chose this major, because I have an interest in drawing and creating things. I find it interesting how ideas are put down on paper and then just come to life. I want to be even more knowledgeable then I know now, and I want to show people what I am capable of. This is the best career for me, because I will be able to demonstrate to others my many ideas. Also I will be able to make money so I am able to support myself, and I want to explore different things. In this essay, I will provide some background information about the major I have chosen, I will explain my reasons as to why I have decided to pick this major, and I will explain how will I plan to excel in my major as well as my future career.

Before discussing my reasons for entering this major, I will provide some background information about the major. Architecture has been around for many years. Probably since the roman and Egyptian times. At the year of 200, BC Greek builders created cement as a metal structure. This cement was put in place of plaster and other types of weak material. At the time Egyptians used a different kind of cement called gypsum plaster, in Mesopotamia they used bitumen. There are many different types of architecture that have evolved over a period of time. In 3,050 BC to 900, BC ancient Egypt constructed very big triangular prism shaped like objects that are known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Another type of architecture would be back in 527 to 565, AD where the roman empire has evolved a different sense of style. Instead of using stone, domed roofs, mosaics, and classic forms, they used brick. There are just so many different types of architecture all around the world. Architectural technology, is the application of technology to the design of buildings. It is a component of architecture and building engineering and is sometimes viewed as a distinct discipline or sub-category. Architectural technology is a field that creates plans for houses, buildings, and things of that nature. Once the sketches are drawn out, they are then transferred to the computer where they will eventually become plans, elevations, and sections. When creating different types of blue prints on the computer, you use different programs like Rino, InDesign, Auto CAD, Photoshop, and other types of programs. Finally, after a review of the blueprints, the construction begins and therefor, a new creation will be built. Architectural Technology comes in a variety of different degrees such as Associates degree, Bachelors degree, a degree in Masters, and a License. The Associates Program is a 2-year program where you are taking classes as if you were going into a 4-year program. Students who are taking a 2-year program, have an opportunity to continue with major by taking the 4-year program. As a student in City Tech, some classes I’m current taking now are Design Foundations, Building Technology, Visual Studies, and my basic classes such as English Composition and Precalculus. Later on during the semester you start taking a little bit more challenging classes. For the Bachelors Degree you have to start of by taking the associate degree class for 2 full years and then for your 3rd and 4th year you take classes such as History of New York City Architecture, Structures, Architectural Design 6, or Advance Detailing Studio. In the college catalogue if you look under the Architectural Technology it will explain what classes are needed to take in order to graduate with the degree you want. (College Catalog. 190-194)

There are many different types of architecture. There are architects for landscaping, naval, non landscaping and naval, industrial, and things of that nature. But the main type of architecture that I will discuss is Architects: Non-Landscaping and naval. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook, non naval and landscaping architects make $35.14 per hour and about $73,090 a year. For this particular job you have to be in college for all 4 years. When you graduate after your 4 years you will receive a bachelor’s degree, From there on, it is required that you intern a firm with this field. Architects have many responsibilities. These responsibilities include “meeting with clients to determine objectives and requirements for structures, estimate the amount of required materials, equipment, and construction time, prepare structure specifications, direct workers who prepare drawings and documents, prepare scaled drawings with computer software and by hand, prepare contract documents for building contractors, manage construction contracts, visit worksites to ensure that construction adheres to architectural plans, seek new work by marketing and giving presentations.” (Occupational Outlook Handbook). Architects are capable of building many different things such as small and big houses, small rooms, hotels, airport, and many things other things for people to live in, play, and work. When architects get assigned a project, there will be late nights where they are trying to do the best that they could by making sure that the work gets done especially when there is a deadline. When architects have a deadline to complete a projects, it is not okay to wait till the last minute and expect to have it done. It is always better to start the project as soon as you are assigned the deadline. You should never wait till the last minute to complete a project especially architects, Another type of occupation that should never wait till the last minute to do something are lawyers. When a lawyer has to go to a court trial they need to make sure that they have lots and lots of evidence, statements, testimonies, and etc.

Becoming an architect requires a lot of school, experience, time and dedication. There is a lot of work ahead when being an architect. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook, to be an architect you need to go school and get your bachelors degree. Afterward I will then have to take a test called the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB). When taking the NCARB exam, it requires a lot of time and studying. According to the NCARB site, the test is said to range from 4 to 6 hours and should be scheduled weeks in advance. In this field there are many types of different skills that are needed. These skill include communication, analytical, creativity, organization, visualization, and technical skill. (NCARB. Preparing for exam. par. ) It is very important to be organized when doing this type of work. You need to have all your tools out, and have all of your previous plans away.

The few reasons for why I have decided to choose this kind of major is because ever since I was a little girl, I always had an interest with drawing. No matter where I was, I would always have paper and a writing tool just in case I got board and felt like doing something. When I was about seven years old, I develop interest in drawing. The days I had nothing to do, I would look around my room for objects and pictures, and then try drawing them. My interest in drawing eventually led to a compulsion with architecture during the beginning of the fourth grade. Around the age of nine years, I would go to Buday and Schuster Architects with my grandma and mom. Whenever my grandmother had an appointment to see her architect and discuss her plans, I always tagged along. I would sit down at the table and pay attention as the architect explained the exterior and interior of the blueprints, such as, where the rooms are going to be, how big they will be, what the outside would look like, and more of the overall design itself. When I entered high school I continued to challenge myself by taking up art classes since I wanted to learn different drawing techniques. During my four years in high school I decided to setup a goal for myself by wanting to take up architecture classes and eventually branch off by taking these classes during my years at college. Unfortunately, I wasn’t capable to do that. For 4 years my school decided to ask me why I didn’t take architecture classes if I knew I wanted to take this as a my future career. I explained by telling them how I asked my grade advisor, and the teaches if the school offered architecture classes and how they told me no. Because I am in college, I can fulfill that dream that I got without have the excuses of not doing something I want.

I plan to excel in my major as well as my future career. During my time in college I want to be able to have an internship at one of the best top architect firms where I will be able to show them what I know and I can learn different types of techniques from other architects. From the internship I want to be able to learn many things as possible. Some of the things I want to know is how I can be successful in this field, how to communicate to my clients and my co workers in a professional manner, what I should expect when I go on an interview, how I should dress, and etc. With the skills I learn, I want to be able to carry them with me when I finally get that job I start. As I plan to move forward in this field I want to be able to create my own firm down the line and be one of the top ranking architects on the list. I know I will need a lot of school, time, patience, and guidance to help get me to where I want to be. As I am currently a freshman in this field here at City Tech, I will make it my business to do what it takes to have a successful education and what skill I will develop.

In conclusion, I want to be a very successful person. I want to create my own firm and have people work under me. By wanting to achieve this type of goal, it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment. But before I do that I will first have to work in a firm as a first year associate working under someone else. Wanting to take up a field like this requires tons and tons of commitment and time. As a freshmen in the architectural field one thing that I realized is that I don’t have a social life because of my commitment and dedication to this field. “A doctor is responsible for one life, while an architect is responsible for millions of lives.” This is true because when an architect is creating a new structure, the architects job is to make sure that everything is followed by regulation and to keep the new creation from falling and destroying millions of lives. A doctor on the other hand is responsible for saving one life at a time. When they are doing a procedure on someone they have to make sure that everything they do is right and that there are no mistakes. Being in this field is something I really want to do because I am able to do something I love.

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