The Perfect Fit of Communication Design and Marketing by Alex Feng

My name is Alex Feng and I am currently in the Civil Engineering major. What I really want to major in is Communication Design Management. After supposedly receiving my associate and bachelor degree in that major, I want to become a marketing manager. This career and major is the best for me because I have an sincere interest in this major thanks to an opportunity I was given at Brooklyn Technical High School, the promising job aspects towards the future in the marketing manager career, and the skills I obtain in this major which appeals to me. I will first broadly discuss about what I can do with a degree in this field. Then I will specifically explain my three reasons about why this major and career for me is perfect for me. Lastly I will mention what my plans are to succeed towards the future of my career and where I see myself in six to fourteen years from now.

I am currently enrolled in the School Of Technology And Design in New York City College of Technology and according to the New York City College of Technology College Catalog 2015-2016, this degree that I seek to attain is called “Associates in Applied Science in Communication Design Management”. After obtaining this degree, the three entry-level jobs that I can pursue are advertising, marketing and graphic design. Using what I learn from this major such as content delivery and the principles of selling, I will pursue my career as a marketing manager. Furthermore not only do I want my education at City Tech to provide me with the knowledge and skills to become successful as a marketing manager, but also to broaden my world in media in the fields of photography, filmography and web design.

The first reason about why Communication Design Marketing is the best for me is due to my previous experience in this major.¬†My first footprint in the world of Communication Design was when I was still a junior at Brooklyn Technical High School. I was blessed with the opportunity to major in media which was known as Communication Design. This major was broken into classes of photography, typography and filmography.¬†At first I thought it would probably end up being a couple of¬†other boring class because this major was consider where the students mostly just slack off. Yet, given some time and¬†after being taught the basics in all of those areas, I have developed a sincere interest, appreciation and love for Communication Design.¬†Only a handful of students other than myself were actually engaged in the activities of what the classes had to offer.¬†My media teacher at the time, Ms. Buglione, once said, “Follow your passion and the money will follow.” Money is no issue of mine,but ever since my passion for Communication Design started to burn since that day, I know that this major is definitely¬†the right one for me.

Previously, I may have said that money is no¬†issue¬†of mine, but my second reason about why becoming a marketing manager is the job aspects. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook,” 2012 Median Pay is $115,750 per year while it is $55.65 per hour. Also that the job outlook from 2012-22 is 12% and that the employment change from 2012-22 is 25,400.” I am very surprised of the salary marketing managers make and that it sounds like there is a guarantee increase of employment in this career, too. These two suggestions give me the impression that if I become a marketing manager, then I will be financially well off. Nevertheless, there are¬†some things I have to keep in mind in of.¬†According to my mother and sister, I will constantly have to deal with a moderate to high amount of stress and strive to be creative and stay innovative with marketing idea plans. Also that those who do end up as a marketing manager usually has an extremely terrible personality.¬†Given my experience with dealing with high amounts of stress from school, creativeness, an unique, but kind personality and a compromising mindset I strongly believe that becoming a marketing manager is the right career for me.¬†To add on to that, I will aim to become a marketing manager that is more of a people person who tries to understands the customer rather than focus on making profits even through that sounds contradicting to what the job’s responsibility may entail.

The last reason why Communication Design Marketing is the best for me is because of  the possible skills I will pick up and small hobbies I have. I am certified in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2013, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator CC 2013 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. These four Adobe programs that I am certified in are all used and involved in Communication Design Marketing. In this major, the classes that I am allowed to take such as Web Design and Introduction to Film and Video Production Design will only enhance my skills. Furthermore, when I want to provide my assets to a customer, I will be able to effectively market their product with a well design web page and a promotion video, too. For example, currently I play on multiple MapleStory private servers. These servers are constantly looking for a web designer, graphics designer or just staff in general. With the knowledge  and skills I will gain from majoring in Communication Design Marketing, I can start helping small gaming communities and relate it towards the future when I work for a company. Other than helping customers or communities, personally I would just hone my photography and film making skills thanks to the classes that are offered through this major. This is why I believe that Communication Design Marketing is the absolute major for me.

Majoring in Communication Design Marketing and becoming a marketing manager is the right path for me. With the tools in my arsenal to complete any task given to me, the gorgeous aspects of marketing managers in the upcoming seven years and my sincere interest in Communication Design Marketing there is no denying that what I want to major in and my dream career is perfect for me. I plan to have an reunion with my high school media teacher to learn from her insight base on her experience teaching Communication Design. Also that I will seek help from older friends that have jobs in the marketing field already to guide me as I go down this path. In order for me to distinguish myself I already have the four certifications in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Premiere Pro, but this isn’t enough for my standards. I will go above and beyond by seeking several internships at various companies as soon as soon as I complete my associate degree, but still pursue my bachelor degree. In six years, I plan to have a stable job as a marketing manager working for a prestigious company. Then in 14 years or if I need a bit more time to be ready, my plan is to become an entrepreneur and reflecting on my experience as a marketing manager I will create a successful business which is my end goal.

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