Life On The Fast Lane By Pooran Nardeo

My name is Pooran Nardeo, and I’m a student at The New York City College of Technology. At this moment I’m only eighteen years old, just starting out my life as an adult. My major is electrical engineering. Automobiles reflect my past, my present, and my future, it is something that for me went from a hobby to an obsession. Automobiles reflect on who I am because of my obsession with it. There are several reasons why automobiles have become such an important part of my life. This includes, the fact that I grew up with automobile. Another reason is that I wanted to be a car designer, which would be my dream job if I had to pick. Growing up, I started to realize that there is more to automobiles than just the fancy car, that’s why in high school I decided to join the automotive program, something that I would never regret doing. This wasn’t just a hobby to me this was where I met some of my best friends, people that share the same interest as me and someone I could ask for help if I needed. Finally now after high school, after knowing all about how cars work, things that I didn’t know before, I would like to design and build my own car. Automobile is the one thing that has the most impact on my life and it will stay this way as long as my obsession for car is still there.

If there is one thing that I could remember since I was a child, it was the fact that I had a collection of model cars. This is what starts off my long love for automobiles. There is one person I have to thank for this and that person is my dad. He was the one that got me my first model car. At that point in my life all that was to me was a square box that could roll. As time goes on these square boxes that could roll got more interesting. I realized that they’re everywhere, big and small. That’s when it hit me, these machines are very important in our everyday lives and from there on my curiosity had push me to learn more of it. I would be asking questions everywhere and anywhere I go, questions like, how does this work, what makes that part move, why is that there, and how important is that. By doing that it helped me learn a lot, because I didn’t know any of the parts. That was a great way of full in up my knowledge bank, because now I could name almost all the parts in a typical everyday car and know how most of the parts work. This was an experience in my life that was worth every second. This is because I didn’t lose interest in it, I only grew more, of it and it’s something that will stay with me throughout my life. Automobile was the building block of my childhood. It is number one on my list of things that make my childhood so interesting and amazing.

Designing cars is something I wanted to do since I was introduced into the world of cars. It would be consider, my dream job if I had to pick one. Designing cars is not something I just talk about, this is something that I actually do. I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m trying. I realized I have ability one day when I was bored in class. I had nothing to, so I took my pencil and started to sketch. At first I was just a bunch of scribble and then an image pop in my head, it was one of my favorite car. It was a Ford GT40. Now that I’m getting good at it I started to sketch my own creation. My favorite way of sketching now is what I call mix and match, it is pretty simple I take parts from different car and put them together to come up with my own design. The stage right now is mostly trial and error because not all of the sketch comes out the way you have it in your head. Sometimes you find that one rare occasion were it comes out looking perfect, even better than the picture in your head. Now that I’m so accustomed to sketching cars I do it everywhere. Especially when I’m bored in class, for some reason this actually works in my favor because although I don’t pay attention in class a lot I still remember the stuff. I even think about car while walking, I’ll be looking at cars and see in my mind is there a way to make it better or what need to be added to it to make it look better. I’ll be picturing it in a whole new way. This is how my view on automobile changes how I see the world both visually and on paper.


As I grew up, I started to realize that there’s more to automobile than just the fancy cars. I started to see how important they are to our everyday life. How without these marveling technologies, the world wouldn’t be the same. The development of automobile in the early 1900s, redesigned the way we live. This is due to the fact that because of cars and the easy access to transportation, we started to build urban communities. This meant that we stared to move out from the heavily polluted city and have a much better and healthier life style. For this major change in our life style and even our history, we all have to thank Henry Ford and hid model T. The first mass produced car at that time. Because of all this history that I learn about automobile, in high school I finally decide to join the automotive program. Those four years would be an experience that I would never forget and wouldn’t want to forget too, because of all the wonderful thing that I learned. It would definitely be consider a defining moment in my life. During those years, I found myself? I learn some very important life lesson that I would always remember. I found out who I am and what I want to do with my life. At this age this was pretty amazing. Although I know things never goes to plan is still kept it. During these four years I learn a lot about cars and how they function. I learn that it may look like a simple piece of machinery but it is pretty complicated. For one, it moves and they’re hundreds of different components and parts that are making that ability possible. During this course, I didn’t just learn about cars that we are using right now I also learn about car in the past and the one that are said to be release in the future. Like humans cars also evolve. They keep getting better and better as time goes by. This is one of the major problems in the automobile field, the changes. In our time Technology changes pretty fast and we have to keep up with it so that we don’t fall of the loop. With the help of today technology automobile can do pretty amazing thing. One of which blow my mine was the ability to drive itself. I knew this would be possible but I didn’t know it would be this fast. The only thing I’m waiting now on is the flying car, something that is yet to be possible. Those years would be something that I would never regret doing, this to due to the fact how great of an impact it have on my life.

Now that I’m out of high school and starting college, my love for automobile started to become my hobby. My love for automobile has helped me a lot throughout my hardest decision in life. One of these decisions was what my career job should be. Since I was always fascinated with the electrical and technology part of the car I decide to make that my lifelong career job. So far it’s going great, I decided to go in the field of electrical engineering, which is pretty similar to the electrical and technology part of the car. Up to today I don’t regret making this decision. I didn’t pick automotive to be my career job because of one simple reason. I don’t want to lose interest in it. This might sound stupid, but for me I don’t want my career job to be my hobby. I want my hobby to just be my hobby, something I could use to pass the time or even just do when life gets me down. I want this to be my motivation, so that I could get back up in life. Automobile have always peak my interest and now that it have became my hobby I am even more obsessive with it. My favorite part of this hobby is going to car shows. This is what makes this hobby such a wonderful thing, getting to meet people that share the same interest as you and even share ideas. These ideas could go a long way, with helping yourself or event other with making your car better and faster, something car fanatics like myself live for. Another thing I learn by attend this car show are the new technology and gadget that are been added to these cars today. These gadgets are not just to make our car look fancy, these gadget help up in more way that you could count. They also make our life driving a car much better and safer and in some cases even luxurious. This to me is a hobby because of how interesting I am with and all the life lesson I have learn from it. This would be one hobby that would definitely stay with me throughout my life.

My obsession with automobile had done a lot for me but the one thing I have to thank it for are my friends. Throughout my life I have made friends and lose friends, but when it comes to these guys it was different. The one thing that we all share it our love for automobile and that’s the same reason we still keep contact with each other. These connections all happen throughout my high school years. At first it did look like it was going to last, it seems as if it was going to be another fail friendship but because of our love for cars we keep meeting and as time goes on we started our own little car group. These are friend worth keeping because of the simple fact that they know the way you think, also because they there when you needed them the most, even through tuff time.

Throughout the years I have learn a lot and those are the life experiences that molded me into the person I am today. Now that I know so much about automobile, I don’t just want to learn it anymore. I actually want to start my own project building my own car. This to me is every guy fancy, having they own custom build car. At some point in my life I don’t want this to be a fancy anymore. I already have a few ideas on what I want my own car to be like. Most of these technology are already out, like for example cars that could drive them self without human input. With these technologies in my car it would make life so much better and even safer. Two of the world major cause for accident will be eliminate, texting while driving and intoxicated while driving. Your car will be able to take care of you. Although I want my car to be all futuristic, I still want it to have that vintage race car look and that look would be my all time favorite car the 1966 Ford GT40. Throughout my eighteen years of being alive I have learn a lot and even forgot a lot but the one thing that would always stick with me would be my love for automobiles.


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