Why start with thumbnail sketches?

When you are an artist you might want to take an art class. The teacher might have you start with thumbnail sketches. You might wonder why. Thumbnail sketches are just to help you get started in art. They are just fun and quick so you can be creative. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece or even turn out well at first just a simple sketch that you bring to paper. Small and quick like your practicing drawing things at a quick rate. This can help you later when you need to draw something quickly, like a fast figure or an idea that you have that you need to write down before you lose it. Thumbnail sketches can help you be a better artist.

Article for design

A article that I’ve read on the New York Times called ‘Virtual Reality Has Arrived in the Art Word. Now What?’ It explains how virtual reality is now being used as a new way for people to see artwork. It can now be used to send people into a virtual new world of art. Virtual reality has started to become very popular now. You can even get it on your phone free! It is one of the ways that new technology is growing in modern age.