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Design Journal entry # 20

Self assessment shows how well I can do a project by myself. How well my performance is when I’ve finished my project. How well I did my project. I will get credit for how well the project is. If I don’t have self assessment my project will be sloppy and unprofessional and I would lose points on my project. It the same for a job, you have to give your very best in everything you do.

Design Journal entry # 19

I have found three companies in New York that are not too far from home and are hiring interns for the summer.

Established in 88 is hiring for half-time unpaid interns. My mother was born in the Caribbean (St. Vincent) and I still have family there. I believe this will help me have a better understanding of my culture. Also I taking courses in design management so this might help me to see a glimpse of real world experience.

Traction Artist Management is hiring for photography. I’ve taken photos sometimes with a digital camera just when I see something I like. It’s a hobby. I’ve never done anything professional.

Hearty Meals is looking for a graphic design intern. I’m creative when doing projects and energetic. This could help me see what it’s like professionally.

All these companies are hiring for the summer.

Design Journal Entry # 16

Tonal progression- is a succession of color mixtures proceeding from dark to light.

it is a list of colors from darkest to the lightest. (myself)


Shade- is a hue or color with black (or any dark color) mixed into it. This creates a darker version or a darker tone of it.

A light color mixed with black to create a darker vision of that color. (myself).


Tint- is a color to which white has been added to make it lighter.

A color that is made lighter then the shade it was before. (myself)


Tone- is a quality of color. It has to do with whether or not a color is warm or cold, bright or dull, light or dim and pure or “otherwise”…

It’s what type of color has a certain standard in it. (myself)


Venn diagram- a diagram that uses circles to represent sets and their relationships.

Two different things who’s qualities are listed in two different circles and the similarities are listed in the overlapped area between the circles. (myself)

Transparency and Layering from Cooper Hewitt

These three show layering when colors are one on top of the other creating layers.

These three show transparency when two of the same image are shown side by side are different because of darker or lighter color or lighting.

3 more images of movement and 3 more images of rhythm

These images are images of movement. Anyone looking at them would see the image trying to guide the person’s eye to the area of attention.

These images are of rhythm. They show the same elements used in the image, but not over and over again like in a pattern, but more randomly.