Video Project

A Day in my life traveling is a combination of several clips I took throughout a regular day of me traveling to and from school. The video was editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, using different elements like cutting down clips, adding text, fading text, and fading audio. When using the program you have to start with importing all the files you want to use, more can be added in later if needed. Then, you take clips individually and drag them onto the timeline, doing it individually is easier so you know what order to place your clips in. After this you can start trimming down your videos. Originally, I had around 9 minutes of footage and by the end of editing it was 1 minute 30 seconds. After, you can add in text right onto the video and adding pictures by dragging them onto the timeline. You can make the pictures and text fade from a scene by using the opacity tool on the editing section of the program, using markers to indicate when the fade should start. Lastly, you can add music by importing it into the file, dragging it onto the timeline, and cutting it down to when the video ends if it’s longer than the video duration. I used the audio fade effect at the end so the music wouldn’t end so abruptly.

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