About Me


Well look what a single click on your mouse brought you to. Welcome. My name is Esther Glasgow and I was born in Trinidad and Tobago, I am a real country girl. Did I make you laugh? Please laugh. This is who I am, a jolly person who likes others to laugh as well because it takes load off. At the age of five (if my memory serves me correctly) I was adopted and had a deep passion for kids and wanted to work with them ever since. Pediatrics to be more specific. As I grew older, the passion started to rise more and more until college. At Medgar Evers College, I got the beating of, “you are going into medicine. Choose a science major – preferably Biology.” With the grades that I obtained, I started to doubt myself of the dream I wanted to be in my reality. With some counseling and seeking, I winded up taking Mass Communications. I also choose this because of my passion for photography. I went with it, obtained my Associate of Arts in Mass Communications at Medgar Evers College. I enjoyed it so much, I am pursuing my BFA at New York City College of Technology. Thus far, I’ve learned what I can bring to the community of children in the Health field – that is therapy and so much more.