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Patrice Prosper
EESL Research Assistant, City Tech, CUNY

I’m Patrice Prosper a research assistant at the Energy and Environmental Simulation Laboratory (EESL). I’m a computer science major and interested in utilizing stimulative tools to help the evaluate the immediate environmental conditions in an effort build local and possibly global awareness. I’m concerned about the social aspect of environmental sustainability, mainly getting citizens to be accountable for their consumption and waste production through building awareness. Many people think that they don’t have control of the environment, that its out of their hands or that its too late to do anything about climate change of global warming. Its not too late an we can do something on the individual level. The skills and tools that I bring to the table here at EESL are statistical analysis aka “Data Science”, computer programming languages: C++, Java, JavaScript and Python, and real-world experience having working apparel manufacturing witnessing first hand waste production on a mass scale. I’m excited about learning how to actively collect data and present scientific research in a professional format here at EESL.

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