First Day of Matching Fair at John Jay College Was a Success!

June 18-19 2015

Yesterday at John Jay College was the first day of interviews for students that were accepted into the City University of New York (CUNY) Service Corps program for the 2015-2016 school year. The Service Corps allows students to work on projects that encourage civic, economic, and environmental stability in New York City. The program allows the student to get paid, obtain real world experience, and  earn college credit while making a difference in their community. Many employers and schools were present at the event to interview students including our group at Energy and Environmental Simulation Laboratory (EESL) at  New York City College of Technology (City Tech).  At EESL, we are looking to work with students who are interesting in improving upon the city’s green infrastructure.

EESL members including Dr. Masato Nakamura, Ye Htet Lynn, and myself were present Thursday to conduct interviews with about 40-50 students in one day. It was a long day, but a productive experience getting to know all the candidates who were interested in working with us. Each student we interviewed had their own individual strengths and skill sets that would contribute to our group immensely. Unfortunately we can only select a handful of people to work with us this coming fall. Regardless there is not a doubt in our minds that every student we met today will have a bright future after college.

Today was definitely a success as far as the demand from students wanting to be involved in our research group at a city-wide level.  Everything from our custom business cards and  our new lab coats with the embroidered EESL logo expressed the legitimacy of what we are doing.  EESL is slowly gaining positive momentum; initially we started as just two Associate students working with Dr. Nakamura in research work that no one else had any interest in. Now we have come to a point in time where we have to turn down people who are interested in joining our group. It’s amazing to see the amount of change that can happen within a year.

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