Week 2 Readings

Fundamental Change in Education : Page 13-26 of Bates

Video on Workplace Skills: NOCTI

Videos on Soft Skills: 1, 2, 3, 4

Week 3 Readings

The Nature of Knowledge and the Implications for Teaching: Page 44-56 of Bates

Social Learning Theories: Page 35-48 of Dron & Anderson

Week 4 Readings

Methods of Teaching: Page 82-99 of Bates

Video on Teaching with Technology: Teaching Channel

Week 5 Readings

Instructional Design Principles: Page 131-142 of Hirtz

Methods of Teaching with Online Focus: Page 111-118 of Bates

Week 6 Readings

Instructional Strategies: Page 309-320 of Hirtz

Methods of Teaching with Online Focus: Page 119-137 of Bates

Week 7 Readings

The Impact of Technology on Education: Page 57-67 of Hirtz

Understanding Technology in Education: Page 189-206 of Bates

Week 8 Readings

Fundamentals of Educational media: Page 221-224 of Bates

Educational media (Text, Audio, Video): Page 230-235, 236-239, and 240-244 of Bates

Week 9 Readings

Educational media (Computing and Social Media): Page 245-256 of Bates

Selection of media: Page 321-340 of Hirtz

Week 10 Readings

Educational Uses of Social Software: Page 285-298 of Dron & Anderson

Social Media for Educators: Page 426-440 of Hirtz

Week 11 Readings

SECTIONS model: Page 261-275 of Bates

Case Study (Media Selection): Page 474 of Bates

Week 12 Readings

Learning in Groups: Page 110-113 of Dron & Anderson

Online Collaboration: Page 441-460 of Hirtz

Week 13 Readings

Case Study (Effective Learning Environments): Page 442 of Bates

Assessment: Page 239-241 of Hirtz

Video on Assessment: Teaching Channel

Week 14 Readings

Evaluating and Improving Your Teaching Effectiveness: Page 365-379 of Hirtz

Quality Teaching: Page 363-368 of Bates

Resources for Readings

Bates, A.W. (2015) Teaching in a Digital Age: Guidelines for Designing Teaching and Learning Vancouver BC: Tony Bates Associates Ltd.

Hirtz, S. (2008). Education for a Digital World: Advice, Guidelines and Effective Practice from Around Globe. Commonwealth of Learning (COL);.

Dron, J., & Anderson, T. (2014). Teaching crowds: Learning and social media. Athabasca University Press.

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