Assignment 05

Assignment 05
Due at beginning of class on Week 7

1) Access, or the Apple/Android Application store. Visit the education sections.

2) Select two software, applications or tools for your teaching. Write down the name of the Application and provide the web link or URL.

3) Select and attach two previous or current lesson plans where you will use the educational technologies (software, applications, tools) in your class

4) Examine the section that describes technology use in your lesson plan. Identify any issue or room for improvement with the use of educational technology in your lesson plan. If you had comments from the observing faculty, please consider making a response.

5) Describe how you plan to integrated the technologies that you have selected into your lesson plan. The details should include the content area, type of learning activities, expected method of delivery and any other information related to the actual use in the classroom.

6) Create a PDF file of all the above tasks and submit to Blackboard.