A dedicated Pre-Engineering teacher candidate, equipped with a wide range of technical skills, applies these abilities in both classroom and professional environments. Having studied at the High School for Construction Trades, Architecture, & Engineering, they are currently pursuing a degree in Career and Technical Teacher Education from the New York City College of Technology, with the aim of graduating in 2025.

Through the Success Via Apprenticeship program at Queens Technical High School, they collaborated with seasoned educators to develop lesson plans and curricula, gaining invaluable classroom teaching experience.

Beyond formal work experiences, they are deeply involved in mentoring at their alma mater’s robotics team, Redhawk Robotics. As the leader of the manufacturing subgroup, they ensure projects are completed on time, train new students in equipment usage, and oversee the quality and order management of the robot. Their technical skills include proficiency in Fusion 360, Onshape, 3D printing, soldering, and the Google Suite. Driven by a genuine passion for STEM, they always aim to inspire and guide future generations in the field of engineering.