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Journal Blog 6 – Project 2


For my next task I was assigned to design the April newsletter cover on a A4 size document and create 2-3 versions of the design.  Thankfully, my supervisor sent me past designs in order to see the different styles other designers used and from there I was able to come up with 4 different cover designs.  This project was the most fun I had because it gave me a wide range of imagination to use.  Since it was the April newsletter I took elements from what made up the month of April and integrated it into the design.  From Easter to Spring to Aprils Fools Day I wanted to show what April was about but also keep the look of the company.  For my final two designs to send for input I chose to go with the Easter and Spring themes for the covers.

Journal Blog 3 – Project 1


At the beginning of the internship I was not been assigned to a task but I received the branding guidelines for the organization, their logo was interesting not only in shape but the color palette as well.  Past designs for newsletters shown the different styles each designer possessed.  As a couple of days went by I then was notified about my first design task which was to design the election ballot for the representatives.  I sketched different layouts for the 8.5 by 11 document and was able to choose 4 final designs to send for input.  One of the requirements of the task was to put the document in 6 different languages, I found it tough at first being that I did not know 5 out of the 6 languages.  When I switched to the digital work there were elements that I didn’t even think about that I used for the 4 designs.

Journal Blog 2 – The Company

Image: Unity for Equality Logo Folder

Unity For Equality is a non-profit organization that is based in New York City.  Founded in 2016, the mission of Unity for Equality is to work with individuals of all backgrounds to help build economically stable and sustainable communities.  They help build leaders who will learn the skills and determination to challenge the social injustice that is happening all over the world.  In addition, the organization invested in the early-stage companies whose products helped Unity for Equality invest into their own communities to help transform lives.  Unity for Equality lends a helping hand to those at or below the poverty line, students, the elderly, minorities, immigrants, and other members of the community who are compromised due to financial, age, health, lack of employment, or lack of education issues by providing services that enable such individuals to improve their quality of life.

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