Dewalt_E_gordon Parks Assignment


For my Gordon Parks assignment I chose to redesign one if his book called “A Choice of Weapons” while using his photograph he took of the young lady and what seems to be her daughter at department store where it says colored entrance only. Β This photo is powerful because it shows the reason he picked up a camera in the first place, to use it as a weapon against social justice in America.

This photo was apart of the series “Segregation in the South, 1956” where Gordon Parks Β documented the life of Blacks in America during segregation in the south. Β New York Life needed Gordon Parks documentation of the result of the Jim Crow laws. Parks captured discrimination through the eyes of Β the oldest Thornton son, E.J., a professor at Fisk University, as he and his family stood in the colored waiting room of a bus terminal in Nashville.

The photo that stood out to me the most was “Ondria Tanner and Her Grandmother Window-Shopping, Mobile, Alabama, 1956″, the photo has a strong sense of segregation as the little girl looks at the Β clothes on display to see that all the mannequin’s are white.