CDMG 1111 Final Revised Quote and Visual Quote Response

Emmanuel DeWalt
December 15,  2017
Digital Media Foundations
Prof. Matthew Lange

Visual Quote

Starting my visual quote was a hard one at first because I didn’t know what to design.  As the days went on however the process became easier to do.  I didn’t really make any changes to my visual quote it stayed the same I only made some tweaks here and there. One way I altered my design was at first I only put the white letters in a black background but then I decided to add a red strip so the message can become more clearer.

When making my visual quote I was thinking about how I can make a strong message to speak about the changes we needed to make for the world to become a better one without all the wars and inequality.  The source of this quote came from what was going on in the world today and how we have to change to make things better.  So my concept of the design was to give a visual message stating that there needs to be a revolution for a better tomorrow.  No more of the inequality there needs to be a world where everyone, doesn’t matter the color, sexuality or religion can come together.  As well as the wars that are going on around the world and the terrorism that is happening, these acts of violence need to stop as well in order for the world to become a better one.