Prompt 2

Digital Art is hard work.

Digital Art is fun.

It can be challenging.

But also relaxing.


It’s a simple kind of activity.

But it will later become an ability.

There are key factors to why digital art is this way.

It can almost be seen as a way to relax and play.


Digital Art has changed the world in so many ways.

2D and 3D can be made in less then days.

It has a very positive light!

Selling art feels so right!


You can find entertainment with this type of subject.

You can use different tools for any type of project.

Uniqueness is effective when it comes to this art.

This is why it stands out  from regular art or even a chart.


Digital Art can lower stress.

How fitting for people who need a rest.

You can take pictures and make them digital.

Then turn them into something more original.


This type of art is more common.

Technology is everywhere!

This makes art more modern.

It makes it less bare.


Digital Art has key factors.

It has pros and cons.

It’s not all precious.

But it’s mostly gracious.


This is something I’m passionate about.

This isn’t something that makes me wanna shout.

I hope that digital art is here to stay.

It is something more then just to play.




Prompt 2 Create a poem, song, work of art (digital or otherwise) or create a video of yourself making a speech or a presentation that ties in with the subject you researched this semester.