“Not Digital Art, but Art Learned Digitally” talks about a few art teachers, who have been art teachers for 50 or more years like Lois DeWitt, Joel Towers, among several others. It talks about the advantages and disadvantages of digital art and how there is a difference between being digitally native and learning how to learn online. All artists need to figure out eventually about digital art and how there are many ways to work with it. In addition, it also talks about the difference types of teachers these teachers have acquired overtime. According to the article it states “I have it all in my brain, and I want to share this,” said Ms. DeWitt, 72, in a telephone interview from her home in Wilmington, N.C. “Brick and mortar is hard — having a gallery and having a building — and the Internet is wonderful that way.” This can showcase that Ms. DeWitt does want to show what she has created in terms of her life and why she is passionate when it comes to digital art and why she wants to teach it.

A Digital Art Space.” talks about how digital art is portrayed. It showcases how art started out before digital art is made on computers and printers. It showcases how fun and interesting digital art can be for anyone at any age. In the article it does state “Art Lab uses drawing exercises to highlight the styles of artists in the museum’s collection. The app has six “activities,” for which it gives a brief introduction to some aspect of an artist’s style and then walks users through an exercise employing that style.” Art Lab is a fine example to showcase art styles and how they are made.