Homework Due Monday, Sept. 20th

**No Class Wed. Sept 15th**

  1. ***Draft of Project 1 Due Mon. Sept. 27th*** 
  2. Read Jose Antonio Vargas’ piece “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant” and respond to the questions below. Please respond to AT LEAST ONE classmate’s post! 
    1. What did you think of this text? Explain! 
    2. What is it mostly about? Write a 2-4 sentence summary. Be specific. Refer to the text itself. Use quotes even! 
    3. What is the genre of the text? What is the tone? 
    4. How do Antonio Vargas’s experiences influence his literacy development (reading, writing, speaking) and the development of his identity? Be specific. For example, how does an experience impact the way he speaks or his experience in school or at work?
    5. Why do you think Antonio Vargas wrote this article? Who do you think is the intended audience?
    6. What challenges did Antonio Vargas face? How did he overcome those challenges?
    7. What experiences and/or people affected Antonio Vargas the most? Explain.