FINAL REFLECTION – 10% of your final grade

Please write a letter to a student coming in to this class next year.

Tell them what you learned, what they will need to be successful in the class and why it matters to their overall academic career.

I suggest having each of these items be its own paragraph.

Thank you,

Prof. Edelson

1 thought on “FINAL REFLECTION – 10% of your final grade

  1. Nate C.

    Hi, my name is Nathan Carpio. I’m one of the professor’s Edison students. What I have to say is thank you for all the help and the comfort she gave me and pushed me to do my work and not to give up. I learned many things from this class that I lacked in my writing and grammar and so much more. But taking this class with a fantastic teacher that cares for your education helps you improve a lot. An example is  Professor Edison would break the meetings into parts so that we would learn grammar, punctuation, and how to be ourselves in front of people by pushing us out there in front of students. Professor’s Edison style of learning is one style that I would recommend to students to learn and improve.

     Professors Edison’s class is easy to pass if you always go to her class. She would give you time in class to do homework and help you with it, and not just that she would speak to each person to make they are on track with the work their missing. Professor Edison message you to do the assignments that have been there won’t be any excuse to fail. Everything that the professor teaches matters in the overall academic career because it makes everything in school easier, like being able to write an essay for each class and know how to make it better. Also being able to read at a high level.  

    I feel like I had some challenges in class because I knew I had struggled a bit with some things.  I struggled with grammar because I don’t know how to write words in each sentence so when people read my writing they get puzzled and do not know what they are reading. What I did to overcome the challenge was paying attention to all the grammar sections I had in class made me a better writer. Also, I would reread my work and correct it to make it sound better. I would suggest next year students pay attention to these sections during class because I believe that it would help each student.


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