My audience is City tech freshmen. My main point is to inform people that New York has so many problems that just keep negatively affecting New York that everyone is leaving and we must change New York for the better. My genre for my project will be in a form of a video like me explaining everything what using a slide show as to some evidence but the main points would come from me speaking. My plan is to make a slides of certain things like my for my introduction of my unit 2 I talk about how New York was better when I was younger so I will try to show some photos of then and now. Another thing would adding statistics to the slide in the video like the crime rates, the picture of certain people that were on my unit 2 like Andrew Cuomo and the person that did the anti-Semitic attacks. How I would approach my audience in my video is on telling them to do certain things for the community like helping pick trash, go vote, tell others to vote, and etc. My schedule is to make a the slides and also come up with a script to make it sound better, and I want to finish everything by the end of the day.