I decided to do this project in the genre of a slide show because videos are a way of informing people and educating them in an accessible way while also asserting images, videos, and voiceovers. In my case, my audience consists of women mainly, therefore, informative videos are very likely to get their attention. I understand that everyone’s case may be different. In the example of Nicki Minaj, she always felt pressured and intimidated by the male rappers at the beginning of her career. However, she stood strong and gave her all to express her talent which led to opening windows for other women in rap. Of course, not every woman’s career is in the music industry so their situation will be different. After watching different kinds of slideshows, I end up with so much wisdom and knowledge, so I’m hoping this one will also be inspirational and teach everyone about ambitiousness and women empowerment. Looking back I believe my main point about Nicki Minaj being a perfect example of an ambitious and talented woman.