During this semester I have learned that when it comes to creative writing I am able to succeed as long as I try my best. I am able to use what I have learned this semester and transfer that knowledge to other writing situations in college. I know in the future I will have more creative and personal writing essays, when that time comes I will be confident that I am able to write something that will be interesting. 

Comparing my early semester writing to now, I believe I have improved in my vocabulary and grammar. As an example, in my unit one writing I wrote “Also, since I did not know how well I was doing compared to the other students, I would constantly think about whether it was worth it to keep up my grades or if I was just wasting my time in case I was not doing as good as my classmates.” I think this sentence is a run-on sentence, and now I realize how I could’ve worded it better. I feel as though this sentence did not get my point across as simple as it could’ve. Instead now I would write: My overthinking made me assume I was performing lower than my peers, so I questioned whether my efforts to keep up my grades were worth it. Compared to unit one, in my unit two writing I wrote “By making a change in our own communities, we can still avoid the worst effects of climate change despite past mistakes.” What is different about my writing now than before is now I am able to find ways to write concisely. In my unit two writing I summarized the main point of my essay in one sentence.

My least favorite assignment was the unit one portrait of a word assignment because personal writing is difficult for me since I always have to think further. Writing that has a reading is easier to me because the information is all there. My favorite assignment was the unit three new audience assignment because I didn’t think it was difficult. I thought it was easy to connect an audience to what I wrote about. For example, I connected an activist audience to the topic of climate change by stating “We as a population have a task to act against climate change together in order to make a significant difference.” Since activists already care about raising awareness on important topics, it was easy to explain why my audience should care about climate change.  

As the genres changed my writing became more informational rather than personal. To make decisions in my assignments about content and design I would get inspiration by looking at examples of other people’s content and designs on the internet. My early assumptions and beliefs about myself and writing have somewhat remained the same. I always knew personal writing or creative writing is something difficult to me but what changed is that I now know I can do it, it just takes me more time to organize my thoughts on the topic. However, my experience revising assignments was a little difficult. Once I write something I am one hundred percent invested in it so if I come back to it, it’s difficult for me to remember what ideas I left off on. 

I believe I adapted well to the sudden switch to online writing mid-semester. I enjoyed it because to me online writing is easier, and I am able to do things at my own pace. One challenge I had in this course was the word count. Sometimes I was able to reach it and other times I attempted to but it was difficult for me. I didn’t want to ramble or say anything just to fit the word count. Another challenge I also faced was my vocabulary and grammar. At times I found myself using the same words but I believe I did my best to overcome this challenge. Some notable lessons that have stuck with me after completing certain assignments is that there are always areas for your writing to improve. With effort, everyone’s writing can advance and be something they’re proud of doing.