Artist Statement 

I am an artist and finished the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev. I left Ukraine in 2014 when there was a tense situation between Russia and some Ukrainian regions, As Crimea and Donbas. I have seen how children were traumatized and I still seeing how war has affected mentally and physically children from Ukraine.

I want to bring to attention everyone a picture above. Art is part of my life, and its being a huge platform, to show people all pain, in situations where words not enough to fully explain it.

My poster is designed to point out the suffering of Ukrainian population, especially the children. In this picture, kids are holding posters, asking for help. The protest rhetoric in this poster is more about preaching to the choir than it is about changing minds. And I’m glad, that today is possible to show everything through photo, pictures and art, without hiding anything.

Ukraine is not first but hopefully last country, who has to go through a war, through a war in 21 century. Russian terrorism is absolutely unacceptable, unforgivable and must being judged for every child and every civilian.

Fresco murals by French street artists Kelu Abstract and Jeff Aerosol are displayed on the wall of a Parisian building on March 14, 2022 in Paris, France.

A woman walks past a graffiti mural, showing a child protecting with a Ukrainian flag against the war, made by artist ChemiS, on March 19, 2022 in Prague.