The topic I had chosen for unit 2 was basketball. Basketball is my beat, the thing that keeps me going and my one true happy place. The audience I chose is older relatives and the reason I think that my genre of basketball is important and will reach my audience and have them understand what the game of basketball does for me. So far my process has been pretty tough, at first I was going to change my genre from basketball because I thought it would be very hard to explain basketball and why it’s helped me with any of the audience choices. Then I thought, which group do I feel least understands why someone like me loves basketball so much, which audience would I like to help explain my love for the game too. Eventually coming to a conclusion that… older relatives will be my target, the reason is because I’ve had many situations in the past where older relatives would tell me I’m not good enough and I’m too short or I’m too skinny. Little did they know little skinny Brandan is the best hooper in the family. 


Moving on from why I chose them, I also thought that a multimodal presentation is the best way for me to get to these older relatives. I would show images to catch their attention, with some writing attached explaining why I chose a specific image. This is multimodal because I’ll be using photos and text hand and hand. Something that was easy was coming up with the multimodal idea. I knew I wanted to show different images to support my case and text to back it up and it was easy coming up with the images I wanted to use… (it’s a secret). One thing that I found pretty difficult is finding my angle, where exactly I want to take this assignment and why is it important that my audience should know about this. I went with the older relatives because first off they are my relatives so they would be interested from the jump, second because of the fact that I want to share my love for the game with a group and they honestly would be the hardest group to go with and I wanted a challenge. 


What I learned doing this assignment is that my love for the game of basketball runs deep. Yes, I always knew that I loved basketball but doing an assignment on it and directing it to older relatives is something I would’ve never thought I’d do and it helps me think about why I truly feel so connected to the game. Moving on, my audience will learn exactly what it was that connected me to the game and why I can never let it go. They’ll be able to understand from a younger perspective why basketball means so much to me, the reason I feel this is important is because I’ve had situations where older relatives even in their late 20s wonder why I care about LeBron so much and what exactly LeBron did for me that makes me care about him so much. Well in this assignment I’m going to school these old folks and show that it’s much deeper than just the game, it’s about the love for that game that’s important and the things that you went through before finding the game of basketball.