HW Day One: 

WRITE (at least 300 words): Look over what you wrote for Unit Two. 

  • What is the MOST important thing you learned in your Unit Two research? Why? (Write these things down.) 
  • Now, of the five groups mentioned in the Unit Three assignment sheet, who do you think needs to know about this “important thing” from your Unit Two project the most? Why? 
  • How do you think you could best reach this group? A video essay? A TED Talk? A Comic Book? Why is this the best medium for your message? 
  • Lastly,  take a moment to reflect on your Unit 2 article. What do you think you did well? What do you wish you had done better? What will you improve upon for the final portfolio?

HW Day Two: 


READ AND ANNOTATE:  Melanie Gagich “Multimodal Composing”  (just read pages 65-76)

WRITE: Do you think it’s important to have a multimodal component in writing classes? What does “multimodality” mean to you? And, most importantly, what are your specific plans for Unit 3 (Due Day 1 Week 15). How do you think the multimodal component will help you reach your audience?