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HW Day One: 

REVIEW: Slide show on writing intro hooks and slide show on nut grafs.

WRITE: Write your own introduction (at least one paragraph) and follow it up with a revised version of your nut graf. Make sure they flow together! Remember the intro should lead nicely into your nut graf (which should lead nicely into the body of your article).


HW Day Two: 

Over this week, you should gather and write up (in paragraph form, if applicable) your field research! 

Day One: 

  • Watch video on writing introductions for articles in-class
  • Look at your articles and ask yourself:
    • How does this article hook the reader?
    • How does this lead into the “nut graf?”

Study  THIS slide on the structure of the feature article. Remember it’s simply a road map (not a strict set of rules!) You don’t have to worry about the conclusion yet, but this will give you some idea of how everything fits together.

Day Two: 

Respond briefly on OpenLab answering these questions about your articles.

    • What kind of opening does the article use? Is it effective as a hook?
    • Where is the first little bit of research? How does it support the author’s initial point?
    • Where is the nut graf? Is it before or after the initial research? Do we know what the writer is going to be talking about from here on — what the main point is?
    • In the body of the article, where and how does the author use research (give an example)? 
    • In the body of the article, where does the author use personal information, if at all (give an example)? Does it help tie the article together or does it hurt?
    • How are individual paragraphs structured (do the paragraphs follow PIE structure? Do they each have one main point? How to they lead into each other, etc) 
    • Where and how does the author use images (give two examples)? Are they data/information graphics? Are they decorative images? What do they add to the article?
    • What kind of conclusion does the author use? Circle back to the initial paragraph/idea? Advice and tips? Impactful quote? Call to action? Does it leave a strong impression?