Hello!  I’ve received some great questions about when is what due???

My weekly writing & reading assignments should be posted by me on Fridays.  They are due the following Friday with an automatic extension until Sunday  at 11:55PM (5 minutes before midnight). There are NO  extensions granted after that.  There are no penalties for turning in work on Sunday, but it is due Friday.

So if there are no penalties, what is the big deal?  For one thing, you have to do it on the weekend and how blecky is that?  Also, I will see it later.  Also, other students might not see it and respond to it.  Also, it will be logged as “late” and who wants that?

The weekly assignments are Pass / Fail.

You’ll notice that I assign Day One and Day Two Homework.  I do that because  I am trying to help you manage your workload a little better.  But they can both be turned in on Friday at the same time.

Due dates for the major projects will be announced as they are assigned.