My Work as a Colony Founder, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

When I started at City Tech, one of the things I set out to do was set myself a unique challenge; something that i had avoided during my four and a half years at Hofstra University. I decided that I was going to join one of the Greek Letter organizations in the CUNY system. Tau Kappa Epsilon, and their offer of an alternative recruitment policy from the older American fraternities, had been on my mind for a little over a year, and I found out from the president of a local chapter that they were looking to expand to Brooklyn College. Many established chapters look down on the colony founders as not being real brothers since they chose to forego the traditional new member educational process, but not everyone can take on the immense challenge posed by colonization.

As one of the more active members of my colony, and far prior to my initiation, I operated as a de facto vice president to promote the fraternity’s relatively limited presence on Brooklyn College’s campus. As we started recruiting more actively, I took charge on editing and improving the first official flier that we released on campus. Toward the end of the spring semester, I advised the other members of my colony on what should be stated or emphasized when we made our formal presentation for recognition by Brooklyn College’s Fraternity Council.