MTEC work so far


Just a simple image made with Characters/Logos from a 2D fighting game called Blazblue.
I didn’t have any Ideas on what to create so I just asked some friends, and this became the result.




Somewhat of a tribute to One Piece 3Dx2Y(Rest in Peace Ace) Inspired from this image: 


Another One Piece Inspired project. From the One Piece Special: Episode Of East Blue.
Music used: frdm – Devil’s Breath
Highly recommended anime for the record. If you haven’t read/watched you’re really missing out. Just sayin.

After Effects


A lyric Video For xxxTentacion’s single F*** Love. Overall incomplete at 60s
Will have audio up soon.
Wouldn’t recommend this artist to everyone, many of his other songs aren’t appropriate or just… not for everyone.


Roll a Ball: Extended Edition
an extended version of the in class roll-a-ball assignment.