In this project our class was instructed to visually represent perspective atmospherically using a limited color palate. My choice was to use the color red mixed with white, black , and gray. The exercise gave me an opportunity to practice my newly acquired paint mixing skills which had gotten easier to do.  

Doing this exercise made me realize that an artist doesn’t need “every color in the rainbow” to make visually stunning pictures. As in previous assignments, I saw once again how learning this skill could easily translate to my digital coloring technique in order to effectively create ¬†a certain mood in my pictures. ¬†


Sonny Sunn digital avatar

This is an Avatar of my classmate, Sonny Sun. The first day I met Sonny in my Design Principles ¬†class I thought to myself how he’d make an excellent Anime character. ¬†I immediately asked him to pose, he complied, and this great caricature was the result. ¬†I went on to Vector this out in ¬†Illustrator for him(although this particular illustration is probably a Raster picture)

Doing this picture made me see the potential in doing  custom made vector caricature avatars for people  in illustrator.   If anyone wants one, I can be reached at  Continue reading

The Compelling Color Wheel Project DESIGN PROJECT 1

The compelling color wheel project

The compelling color wheel project

In this technological age where a machine can produce stunning perfect color in very conceivable hue, it was refreshing to attempt to mix color and experience it with my own two hands.

Understanding Color Theory is important to every artist in order to produce pictures that are not only visually stunning, but ones that can also elicit  a full range of emotional responses in the viewer.

My understanding of primary, secondary, and analogous colors was enhanced through this project.

The Provocative Perspective Project

The provocative perspective project


The perspective project was interesting. i was anxious to learn the skill in order to enhance ¬†my figure drawing for animation and illustration which is my ultimate goal. ¬†I found drawing simple straight lines difficult and received less than a perfect grade. Nevertheless i conceptually understood the theory of how one and two point perspective works,about horizon lines, and ¬†about conversion to one point. ¬†i realized that learning is a process, and I’m confident ill get better over time.

The Transitional Tiger Project DESIGN PRINCIPLES 1

The tantalizing transitional tiger project

The tantalizing transitional tiger project

When I was given the details of this project I was overjoyed to finally have an opportunity to do some photorealistic type of work.  I was trained as a photorealistic artist. Its definitely my strength > I was excited to learn a new method in stretching myself.

Our challenge was to work backwards. Starting with a completed detailed photo realistic piece and working backwards  redrawing  the picture with less deal.

The final drawing involved making a visual statement that focused on the darkest parts of the picture. It reminded me of silkscreening, another art form that I intend on investigating.image