Edwin Bishop's Portfolio

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VRChat Room Image

A 25m by 25m by 25m room with two 3D models of my JBL Wireless Speaker on each wall. Instead of keeping the basic black coloring of the speaker, I added a Mesh Renderer component on the prefab of the speaker that uses the same WormHole Gif that is used on the floor. 

Images that Inspire Me

This is an JPG image of Thanos modeled after Rick Ross’ Rather You Than Me album.

This is a JPEG image of a Marvel Comics Hip Hop Variant cover featuring Sam Wilson’s debut as Captain America which is inspired by A$AP Rocky’s Long Live A$AP album.  Not only is Sam Wilson’s Captain America one of my favorite superheroes but I also listen to alot of A$AP Rocky’s music.

  • This is a PNG image of the logo I made for my website which says Kuroi Ronin

This is a JPEG image of my twin sister,my best friend,  and myself.  We’ve been close since we were in elementary school and we’ve always motivated ourselves to do the best we can while chasing our dreams.


This is a PNG image of Tchalla sitting on the throne.  I like Black Panther.