My performance in this job from my personal view has been good. I have submitted all designs on the deadline and even send in drafts before the deadline. I take in the feedback and adjust them accordingly. All my work has been posted on their social media accounts. I take time to research the topic of the project and use many materials to create my designs. I tried my best to be authentic and show my skills. Creating new ideas was difficult, especially trying to show the company style. As a designer, we have to think like problem solvers. We have to create a design to catch people’s attention. When creating I had to think like a viewer first looking at a design. What is something a viewer would look at first, then what is the message or what is the design wanting the viewer to do? These were my steps to creating a design. I believe my designs were successful. As an intern for this company, I learned to become a problem solver and understand how to bring more traffic to the company website. This internship gave me the experience I needed for the future of my career.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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