Ethics in Graphic Design 2A and 2B

2A. In the past, I have had to give credit to other artists for their creative work. I was working on a website project for my web course and I wanted to use the amazing icons I found on the internet. When I downloaded the files, they had a text document on how to credit the artist of the icon. The directions were to state it at the footer on the website when using the creator’s icons. If I were to not see the text file I would regularly try to find the source of the artist and find if the art is free to use in personal projects and how to credit the artist. As a photographer, I have experienced people stealing my work. They promote them on their social media without any credit to me. I know the feeling when a person doesn’t get credited for their work. Luckily I was able to report it and the social media company took it down within days.

It is very crucial to give credit to the main source. Many websites have stock photos that people can use for free. They are for Commercial and non-commercial purposes and no permission is needed. As a designer, we should always show respect and be ethical by giving credit to the artist.

Barack Obama “Hope” 2008
Artist: Shepard Fairey

2B. The case of Shepard Fairey and The Associated Press was that Mr.Fairey used one of the Associated Press photographs by Mannie Garcia. Mr.Fairey sues the A.P. over copyright fair use. The settlement of this case was both parties came into a private settlement. I believe artists should be taught about copyright fair use because many artists today still don’t understand the fair use of copyright. Many artists are looking on the internet trying to find inspiration or a base to start their design. Being ethical as an artist you should always find the source of any art you find on the internet. As Mr.Fairey stated he did a google search to find a reference for his design. From this point, I believe before he started his design he should have investigated the source of the photograph and gotten in contact with the A.P. to get licenses for this photograph. Without the photo, he wouldn’t have his original design.

Sources: Shepard Fairey and The A.P. Settle Legal Dispute, Barack Obama “Hope” Poster

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