My name is Enrique Aguirre, and I am majoring in Graphic Arts at City Tech.  I never thought of becoming something else that didn’t involve showing my creativity to the people.  I came to realize when I was around 15 years old that I came from a family, from both my Mom & Dad’s side, that majored in Graphic Arts, and now by the time I graduate from college, I will hopefully be added on to that list.  I’ve always enjoyed drawing, painting, and just being artistic ever since I was in elementary school. Drawing stick figures and getting creative with Play Doh was always something I would always do in my childhood.  I’ve taken several art classes during my high school years. It was a fun experience that also helped me become a better drawer and painter.  Even though I would sometimes think that my art work would turn out a disaster, my teachers would really tell me that they’re quite impressive.  A bit too impressive that sometimes that they tend to give out my art work to teachers so they can use them for decoration in their offices, without my permission.  Living in a city where it’s diverse and full of talented artist everywhere, it helped me discover new styles of art, and learn a lot about the street culture the youth in this city are into nowadays.  Sooner or later I found myself obsessed with Graffiti and everything else that had an impact upon that style of art like the music of Punk Rock & Hip Hop, the art of a pristine sneaker, and Skateboarding.  I’ve always searched on the internet to seek some new influences and help me become a more creative person.  Some websites I would enjoy looking at are like Bombingscience.com, Hypebeast.com, 12ozprophet.com, and Lamjc.com.  Once I became fascinated with how artist started to expose their artwork by using their ultimate tool which is Photoshop, I became interested to learn about this software that it made me come to a conclusion that I want to become a graphic designer when I grow up.  I’m still learning how to work with Photoshop as well as Illustrator, as I take some classes during my freshman year at City Tech.