Reading Assignment 1

A logo is something important that represents a company or team.  Unfortunately when a company or team go through a logo change not everyone will like it, while some people will love it.  Husky Evolution by Kenneth Best and The Met and a New Logo by

The University of Connecticut had the issue that their athletes had different logos on their uniforms. ┬áThe purpose of the university’s logo change was to unify the school. Also the logo change will help others identify the school while they are playing games. ┬áOverall the logo change was liked and had a positive out come. ┬áThe Met on the other has had major backlash on the new logo. ┬áI personally think the logo is a bit too plain, but that is the current style. ┬áThe Met is changing which caused a need for a logo change, eventhough the new logo is not like by a lot of people the Met is getting a lot of attention for it.

These two articles show that a logo change can have a positive or negative effect on companies or teams. ┬áLogos aren’t always going to be liked, but sometimes a change is needed.


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