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Site Reaction

Since I got to the site a little late i was able to walk to the site on my own. I got to first experience how the buildings contrast to the street and how the blocks are actually being used. Due to the snow most people were walking on the street then the sidewalk but i would assume even if it wasn’t for snow they still would. Going into the building to have an overall view of the site i caught a small glimpse of what goes on in the buildings and what type people occupy it. From the sixth floor and even walking on the borders of the site you can see and feel how big it is.


On Monday, March 2, 2015, Arch 4710 class went to site visit to Industrial City. The area around industrial City was very dull and isolated. Not easy access to transportation, no direct indication to parking, ┬áno a central place, not lots of mix use of program like (residential and commercial space), and no green space. ┬áThe view are great.┬áI like the┬áIndustrial City’s building ┬ábecause ┬áthey are reusing the space in┬áthe building.I like the rough but┬ábeautiful small architecture features that are in the building.

Farhana R.

SIte Visit

From my experience of visiting the site i would say that it was vast and contradicting. What i mean by contradicting is that on one side, the site was surrounded by huge industrial buildings and on the opposite side you had an open view of the river and the landscape beyond it. It’s an interesting site which has many points to work from.

Site Visit

When we went to the site on Monday, I didn’t have a good perspective on the scale of the site. But, when we went there, i noticed that the site is huge. It was really helpful trip so we can have a sense of scale and understanding the streets and the flow of pedestrians and vehicles. Also, I didn’t know that the statue of liberty is very close to the site so that got into my attention.

Site Visit

On Monday, we visited the site and we walked through Industry City. The site is enormous it got me thinking about what I imagined the site to be if people were allowed to use it on a daily basis. It is a little overwhelming but also nice considering the views. I have a better sense of how I will potentially orient my buildings and master plan according to the views of the New York City and the Statue of Liberty.

Zender_Site Experience

Visiting the site provided a better perspective than observations of┬áthe site plan we’ve been provided with. From our view at Industry City, we were able to see the relationship with the waterfront and adjoining neighborhood to the left, as well as the view of New Jersey, the Manhattan skyline and the surrounding industrial sites.

Isaias Garcia: Site visit

On Monday, we visited our site in Industry City. It was impressive to see how the area around the site is slowly progressively adapt and change from an industrial view, to a more commercial perspective. The visit also helped to give some perspective to how big the site is. When placed into context along with one of the smaller buildings (Costco), it made me keep in mind to try and keep a realistic scale to the overall sketches. This should be an interesting project.

Site Visit reactions

On Monday, we have been physically on the site and around the site, especially in-out of industry city buildings and sunset neighborhood. From the 6th floor of one of the industrial buildings was an amazing view at the site. I had no idea of post industrial buildings’ uses. They used in a great way of commercializing and making the place a vibrant place to be.