Urban Design 7 Reflection


The process that we have been through for the whole entire semester was really great. I have never studied my neighborhood before and it felt really amazing. Since i live outside New York City, it felt weird in the beginning but it actually made me feel really good that my neighborhood is different than everybody else which it made it challenging for me. I believe the process should stay the same because in order to get a better urban design concept for next semester, you should study your own neighborhood in order to understand the idea of urban design. Also, the readings were great in order to understand urban design from different perspectives of architects around the world, and the understanding of different cities and the way they have developed the grid, it was really nice.

Happy City

Interacting a faculty outside the architecture department is a great move because we can understand how people actually think about our designs. Happy city was an amazing way of involving green and more happy interactions between people where we should pay attention to when we are developing an urban design site.

Client Interactions

The client idea was a nice move where we had to deal with people outside the school and it felt great. However, my client for the small business development center was really great but i couldn’t understand exactly what they want. because they kind of layout the program but they weren’t focusing a lot about the surroundings of the building. It seemed like they weren’t really interested from the beginning, but if we can meet a client who is more involved and more interested that would be a greater step to achieve a better design.


I believe that was a great idea because i had a really great team where we had to finish everything on time and we helped each other out and learned from each other. Also, the project is pretty big so i believe one person isn’t going to be able to finish the whole assignment by him/herself.

Master plan vs architecture focus

From my perspective i believe this semester was really successful in terms of the timing because on other designs in this curriculum, we designed many buildings and focused a lot on the architecture work. However, in this class we dealt with the master plan we learned a lot of ideas and the involvement of people, streets, parks, views, etc. both professors have helped me a lot and learned a lot from them. I believe it should be the same in terms of this semester.

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