Process: Challenges have been very definite to most of us. I mean we all as a group or individual  had to face tensions of designing  specific and extensive spaces throughout the master plan. The reading seminar have been very effective despite most of us were bored  during the reading. I liked the way that everybody takes a turn for reading except Jennifer. Perhaps , would be helpful if you give each a turn for reading and then questioning after each person finishes their reading. i have picked up the only and most important was to understand between orthogonal and curved spaces in a urban sense.In terms  of flow of assignments, we had very explained targets and purposes for each assignment throughout all semester. One important aspect of suggestion from me would be to give a little more time on the final part which architectural focus based on our client. Maybe it’s just me but definitely most of us struggled at the end because of their other classes requirements for the final.

Happy City: The reading and analyzing of happy city really helped for the most of us. Because it gave a sense of urgency and needs for the current society we live in. In addition, we gave ourselves a reminder of our people and spaces of their interactions between each other.

Client interaction: is very smart approach from you and we engaged in a sense of real world interaction between us as architects and clients. This part of interaction was very vital because it gave us an opportunity to design their desired needs of spaces.

 Master Plan and Architectural Focus; Its been very great and unique semester for me. I have learned from you professors multi-knowledge of different views of your design approaches. We were explained and guided to start from MIcro to Macro or vice versa. The first half semester was very colorful of different and small scale of assignments that we went through. The teamwork or as group project was challenging to interact, understand, respect and accept of individuals point of views. In result, the personality of each individual has changed to 180 degree of stop saying I”and “I”, and we changed to saying as group “We did this work”. Thank you Professors, I hope you keep the same spirit and educate at the most skillful level students.

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