Reflection On The Design 7 / Urban Design_Farhana

This is one of the interesting design classes that i have taken in my 5 years in  NYCCT. The reason is that Urban Design class  gives us the little over view of how real architects works in the real world; through designing master plan and working with real clients.

The first study on Site Analysis and Block Study of you neighborhood. It helps us to understand how NYC blocks and neighborhood work and had design. It tremendous helped me to understand how to design our master plan when I was designing a new master plan with my team for Industrial City. It also helped us to understand how to design spaces, different types of building and streets that exists in NYC.

The lecture and the reading on Happy City and master plan it was interesting. It gave us an idea of how to design a master plan and what are the pro and con of it.

Working for team was very challenging and hard for me. Sometimes, it is hard to work with students you don’t know because you don’t know how their ideas and personalities are. There were up and down working it teams, had some disagreements and arguments but at the end of the day we learn how to work as a team and put our differences aside.

I loved working with real clients. It helped me to understand who it would I feel working with real clients. It was challenging to understand what clients want and their needs, and how can I combine my ideas with their. It was a restriction on what you can and cant do and most importantly the design you are doing , it need to satisfy the clients.

I love the process and the flow of direction the class moving. I wish the project for Urban Design class was a 2 semester project. There is a lots one need to do to develop and fully understand how to design a functional master plan in urban space.



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