Design 7 Reflection

I would say that this was my favorite design studio. Everything that we worked on had a smooth process and we might have run into some bumps on the way but eventually it would work itself out.  Starting from our own block analysis I learned a lot from things that I would take for granted. Which lead to groups of two for the next assignment that helped establish a relationship with my group mate that would help me through the whole semester. The reading assignments to me personally didn’t help or guide me, but what was the result of it being the group discussion sparked an interest. I would say the same for happy city it was more the interaction then the reading, having a perspective on what someone who isn’t directly involved in our field thought about what we deal with daily as architects. Now leading to the final project the client interaction was interesting but didn’t really help guide me on to what was really needed for the project. When we met with my new group we brain stormed and figured out what would be needed in order to complete this project and i felt that was more effective. Comparing both projects of the semester I had a more enjoyable time working as a group on the master plan it was due to the fact that its the first time working on something different.

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