Final Thoughts


This is the first design course, or any creativity-based course within this major that we took the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with our course topic by means of researching and understanding the manifestos of noted Architects. By beginning with theories, arguments and points made by activists and architects alike, and moving along towards block typologies and case study analysis did I feel we developed a comprehensive understanding to our course outline.

Happy City:

This segment more or less felt like an afterthought, although it was enriching to have a representative from another department give their input on our studies. It would have been nice to immerse ourselves further into this concept, as well as readings and seminars pertaining to urban design.



Master Plan vs. Architectural focus:

It goes without saying that the Master Plan took precedence this semester, which I find crucial as we pursue our career as architects. The Building was an afterthought to say the least, scrambled together last minute which I feel took away from our graphic abilities. As we have developed experience at this stage (hopefully) in structurally sound building design, a more Urban development based design class would be better. Perhaps focus on site sections, street view renderings, and a more strict attention to the building requirements laid before us (waterway acreage, livable built space, park acreage)

Overall I’ve greatly enjoyed the social aspect of this course, it’s the first design course that sparked group conversation and input pertaining to design, and inspired new approaches in the way that I think. Thank you for a wonderful semester.

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