final reflection

the neighborhood analysis was a great assignment because it taught me neighborhoods relate to one another. Main streets divide neighborhoods and how parks have a big purpose on design.  it taught me scale on neighborhoods and how a design of a building relates not only to the block but to all the neighborhood.

the block analysis was great because it helped me understand the scale of one block and the houses within the block. it helped me understand the streets around my block and also how greenery is placed in a block. the sections really helps me understand the heights of the buildings and the relationships within the sidewalk and streets.

the reading seminars and happy city assignment helped me understand how a neighborhood can change the mood of a person. reading the ideas from  le corbusier and jane jacobs it helped me open my mind of how we should design for the experience of people and not just on the structure. also it helped understand how ambitious we should be when we design a neighborhood at a large scale or a small building in a block.

the client interaction was a real life experience but i feel like we need to be focused more on a specific program or even build our own program because at the end of the day it was a scramble and we didn’t focus on much on client but we focused on the master plan itself. i found that it was a greater and better task by designing what is around the site and the streets and buildings.

the project itself was great and group work was amazing. it was an amazing experience to work with the professors and my teammates and the class itself.


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