Design VII Reflections

The process that led up to the final project was interesting. By analyzing my own neighborhood first, I was able to go through and categorize the important aspects of a neighborhood. This also helped me to recognize neighborhood centers in my case study of New Castle, Delaware, as well as important streets of the neighborhood. Doing this helped me when it came to developing my own master plan design layout. The readings did provide helpful insights into Urban Design, but some of the readings seemed to drag on a bit when we were in the final moments of designing the site.

Happy City:
The Happy City segment of the course was interesting. I enjoyed the readings since they helped me to think of how my site can affect the community, as well as the importance of the site resonating with the community. It was a bit brief however, although having prof. Beli on the jury was refreshing, due to her not knowing anything about architecture, and her comments were helpful in the final edits of the master plan.

The group work was an excellent experience. We each had to adjust our ideas in a way that it didn’t overpower each other, but still had unique qualities that let each stand out. This is especially evident when it came to adjusting the master plan to incorporate our architectural design. We modified the site in a way that each of our buildings help guide the attention to our own buildings, and the buildings of our group.

Master Plan
The master plan was a lot of fun. I feel like we should have spent more time on it, refining how the blocks would be laid out, as well as how the people would interact with the site. I would have preferred to design some of the urban spaces in the master plan opposed to a building.

Architectural process
This aspect of the class felt really short. If we did this, I would have liked a longer period of time to work on it, opposed to 4 weeks. Otherwise this was an interesting aspect of the course

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