Design 7: Urban Design Reflections

I had a great time being apart of this class. This design was much different. I have been so used to the design of small spaces. Dealing with a large massing and site required much education and time. It challenged me to design outside the box. Designing the programs and the outside field was new and i feel should be introduced in other designs. I feel students are not prepared enough for large sites.

The process we took into urban design was good. It was necessary and I’m sure it will help future students.

The readings helped. I feel reading about how others deal with designing site plans helps me with my process. I used several books to gain ideas for this urban design.

Teamwork was different. This was a first, but it worked out. It gives us a hint of the real world because teamwork is in every office.

I feel we worked with the master plan and our site more then the given program. We didn’t focus enough about the client. It was a fantastic project but with enough time…the clients work would be finished with plans and all. Overall I enjoyed dealing with a large site. I have been in the Architectural field for quite sometime and must say, Its hard work and extremely different…but enjoyable. One last thing this school overall has to focus on is structure/detail and the regulations of designing a building.

-Daniel Savoca

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